How to install sliding doors and delight your customers

Sliding doors are a great solution for the home. Their decorative aspect, space optimisation and many other advantages that we have described in other articles make them ideal for any environment. That is why we are going to tell you how to install sliding doors and surprise your customers. As you know, the installation process is extremely simple. With just a few practical and safe steps, especially with our products, which are specially designed to be completely intuitive to install. Previously, sliding doors had a much more complex design to install, but with the innovative design we have developed, this task has been greatly simplified to the point of achieving an excellent finish with no fuss! To ensure that this is the case, at Emuca we tell you from our experience and know-how how to install sliding door systems in a correct and optimised way. So that you can offer your customers an unbeatable finish and an experience that will undoubtedly strengthen your business.
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How to install sliding doors: the right materials

The first thing to consider is to ensure that the materials are suitable for installing the sliding door with a perfect finish. For this it is necessary to measure the opening of the space and add approximately 5 centimetres to each side of the door to ensure that it covers the entire area. As for the height, the measurement must be exact from where the guide will be installed to the floor. Guides and rails can be purchased in a standard size and cut to the length you need, for the best possible fit and customisation.

Necessary tools

An important premise for a harmonious workflow is to get all the necessary tools and materials in the assembly space to avoid wasting time. If you are going to install a sliding door, it is best to purchase a kit that contains the rails, hardware and other parts necessary for the installation. The tools you will need are as follows:
    • Drill
    • Sanding machine
    • Bubble level
    • Measuring tape
    • Screwdriver kit
  1. Preparing the lane

To adapt the track correctly to the space that the sliding door will take, you must hold it against the wall or ceiling where it will be installed and mark the places where the screws should be fixed and the limit where the track should be shortened. The length should be twice the width of the door for a full opening and add 10 cm for the stops. This point is very important as it will determine the correct fit of the door.
  1. Assembly of the rail

When installing the rail, it must first be measured with a spirit level to ensure that the rail is perfectly level, as this will prevent unnecessary obstructions and slipping. Once all the marks have been made, the holes should be drilled with the drill, taking into account several aspects such as the diameter of the drill bit that perfectly matches the dowels to be used. If it is too large or too small, this can lead to support problems and the door can collapse under the weight. Because of this, it is crucial that the perforations are ideal. Another important aspect is that the drill holes must be drilled horizontally in the wall, if the drill is tilted when drilling, the grip will not be the same, so you should pay attention to the inclination of the drill when performing this task. After the holes have been opened, the dowels are placed with the help of a mallet and then guided with the screws.
  1. Installing the bearings: key to how to install sliding doors

The bearings are installed in the upper part of the door, taking into account that they are equidistant from the ends of the panel. The distance from the edges must be the same in both cases, both in terms of function and aesthetics. With the screws included in the kit, they are fixed and only the last step is missing to get the sliding door installed.
  1. Mounting the door

As a last step it is only necessary to mount the door with its bearings on the rail at the ends. Depending on the weight of the door it will be necessary to have help for safety and correct fitting of the door. After the door is mounted, it is only necessary to place the corresponding stops at the ends of the track and adjust for the correct opening. Finally, the door must be tested and the levels and other details must be adjusted so that it works perfectly and the finish is the best for the customer.
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How to install sliding doors with the Emuca Sliding Door Kit If you are looking for a sliding door kit with everything you need for a customised installation and the best finish, at Emuca we offer various models for both top and bottom installation. Manufactured and designed with durability, experience, performance and user experience in mind, which will ensure that your customers are satisfied. In our catalogue you will find everything you need to know about how to install sliding doors!

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