How to install cabinet kits like an expert

Cabinets in the home are a must-have item that every customer would like to have in the best quality. As a manufacturer, it is essential that you have all the solutions available to take wardrobes to the next level of quality. That’s why knowing how to install Emuca wardrobe kits will come in handy. If you have seen our wardrobe kits, you will know the versatility they offer and the possibilities they provide to convert an ordinary wardrobe into a fully optimised one, in which any object can be stored in an organised way. This time we want to give some tips on how to install the cabinet kits in the best way, so the finish achieved will be much better, and will result in satisfaction for your customers and success in your business.
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First establish the outline of the organisation

Before placing and assembling the wardrobe kits, it is important to detail where each element is placed. Depending on the dimensions of the sections, each one will have a different use for different garments, or will be able to accommodate a folding coat rack. Don’t stick with the first form of organisation, experiment with other ideas with a different perspective under the requirements of your client or what can best suit a particular space. After this process, choose the best proposal and start installing the cabinet kit like a professional.

Inserting Emuca drawers

It is common for wardrobes to have a set of drawers, and this should be the first thing to be installed, as it will make it easier to install the other wardrobe kits. To make the job easier, Emuca drawer kits have all the necessary parts for custom installation, so it won’t be difficult to implement it into the design you have structured. In this case you can install separate drawers supported directly on the walls of the wardrobe or you can install a complete drawer unit, the process is similar, but the latter is generally more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Place the assembled drawer unit without the internal elements and fix it to the walls of the wardrobe.
  • As a tip, you can install a panel on top of the drawer unit to give uniformity to the wardrobe, using the same material.
  • Then place the drawer runners and insert them into the drawer unit to complete the first step.

Emuca removable trousers

Without being a special order, you can go ahead with the pull-out trouser rack. Although trousers can be hung on hangers on a wardrobe rail, it is much more optimised if such an accessory is installed. It consists of a very simple to install structure that has a central bar that extends and bars on the sides to hang trousers.
  • The first step is to present the cabinet kit accessory at the bottom of a horizontal intermediate panel. Then make sure that at no time does it obstruct the complete closure of the doors or any other accessory.
  • Mark the indicated points diagonally with a pencil and apply the screws corresponding to the fitting.
  • To carry out this process you must unfold the trousers, making sure that they are perfectly aligned and do not move in the process.

How to install a Hanging Hanger Cabinet Kit

Hanging hangers are becoming very popular in wardrobe organisation, and their installation is not at all complicated. This wardrobe kit will allow you to hang garments in high places and access them with a very convenient mechanism, using the available space more efficiently but taking up the same amount of space as a common clothes hanger bar.
  • The first step is to place one of the side frames with the bar so that you can set the height and the mechanism can extend well.
  • After matching the measurements, mark the holes alternating the sides.
  • After that, use the specialised screws to fix it correctly to the cabinet walls.
  • After attaching each side mechanism, lower the bars and place the horizontal one by joining the two ends into a single fitting.
  • Finally, don’t forget to install the bar that serves to lower the hanger and also to support it on the floor while in use.

Pull-out mirror for wardrobes

Mirrors for wardrobes are an interesting extra factor to enhance the final finish, and add utility value to the furniture. These are removable so they are quite convenient to use with their hinged hinges.
  • Establish the height at which the mirror will be installed and then install the brackets by referring to these measurements. Always check the level and verify before drilling the cabinet board so as not to drill more holes than necessary.
  • With the base installed, insert the mirror into its brackets and attach it to the hinges previously fixed to the cabinet wall.
  • Then finish adjusting all the elements to secure the mirror and check its correct functioning.

Accessories for Emuca Enclosure Kit

All the accessories for wardrobe kits that we have mentioned, and those that we have not had the space to name, we have them in Emuca with different models and aesthetic finishes, so you can choose the one that best suits the furniture you are building.

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