How to fit hinges correctly

The correct installation of hinges on a piece of furniture or doors is essential for an ideal function and durability. Otherwise, it could soon become damaged, and even cause damage to the door or furniture. That is why today we are going to explain step by step how to fit hinges correctly, whether they are book hinges or cup hinges. If hinges are fitted correctly, doors will perform optimally, improving their thermal and sound insulation, as well as providing greater security. Another reason why hinges should be installed in a specific way is that it reduces the necessary maintenance and lubrication. Given the importance of the hinges being correctly positioned, we will give you the steps one by one, to do it correctly. With the Emuca tutorials, you will be able to do it easily and efficiently.
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How to fit hinges correctly: steps to install book hinges The book hinge is the easiest to install due to its simplified design. The most essential in this process is to take the correct measurements, being careful with markings and levelling.

Execute markings

This type of hinge requires a process called mortising. It consists of opening a space in the edge of the door so that the hinge is inserted and does not protrude. If the panels do not have it, it is necessary to establish the markings. To do this, place the hinge on the edge, making sure that the axis is positioned on the edge. Then mark the edge of the hinge with a pencil. This step is essential to know how to position the hinges correctly afterwards.

How to do the boxing

A chisel and a mallet, preferably a rubber mallet, are needed for the mortising. The chisel is used to mark all the previously marked edges before starting to rough cut the panel. This is to prevent the wood from splintering in the process. Once it has been contoured, the chisel is used to make cuts on the inner surface, where the hinge will go. This should be done until the hinge is flush with the wood.

Fitting the hinge

When the two hinges are finished, they must be positioned so that they can be carefully screwed into place. The problem is that if this is not done slowly and carefully, the wood can splinter. Ensure that the two hinges are aligned with each other and equidistant for a better finish. Also make sure that the screws are correct and flat-headed.

Repeat the process

At this point, it is only necessary to repeat the installation process, but on the furniture panel or another door. In this case, you will also have to do the recessing.

How to fit hinges correctly: installing cup hinges

Cup hinges are more complex to install, as they require milling and a higher level of precision to position them correctly. However, if you follow these steps carefully, you will achieve excellent results. We tell you how to fit hinges correctly.

Choosing the right hinge

As a starting point, it is crucial that you choose the right hinges for your installation, as they come in different angles, types and sizes. Fortunately, we have an article where we explain in detail the types of cup hinges and their uses.

Perforation in the board

Depending on the type of hinge, the dimensions may vary. Therefore, you should specifically consult the details associated with the hinge you are using. After consulting and marking where the borehole should be, you should use a punch to drill a hole that will serve as a guide for the milling machine. Very carefully, proceed to drill the board with the milling machine, slowly so as not to pierce the board by mistake.

How to fit hinges: fixing the hinge

To fix the hinge, it is only necessary to insert it into the hole and with the help of a square orientate it so that its direction is perpendicular and the adjustment is ideal. Then screw it into place.

Fitting the hinge to the furniture

To install the door on the furniture, it is necessary to place it in the correct position and align it, and then mark with a pencil where the screws are to be installed. The guides should be made with a punch to facilitate installation and for greater precision. Finally, the hinges are attached to the furniture with the screws. This process is repeated until all the hinges are in place and the process is finished.

How to fit hinges: conclusion

The hinges mentioned in these two processes can be found in our catalogue with a wide range of options and models for every situation. The cup-shaped ones are very special because they offer a neat finish even in complex contexts, for example, when installed on both sides of the same panel, thanks to their angles. We also have hinges for glass, vertical opening shelves and special occasions where delicacy and discretion are the most important aspects. Now that you know how to fit hinges, choose the ones that best suit your project!

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