How to choose a good cabinet handle?

The market is full of cabinet handle models; they are very useful components for your closets, rooms and home. That is why choosing the one that suits your needs takes time, maybe more than you thought, and you should be clear about some features to choose from.

At Emuca we make it easy for you by putting it at your disposal:

  • The best handles and knobs that you can buy in Spain, with unique design and finishes.
  • Manufactured with the best materials.
  • Safe and reliable online shopping that makes your life easier.
  • Deliveries on time and where you prefer.

Take into account the characteristics we indicate here, define the use you will give it and that’s it, let’s go for the handles that your cabinets need!

Cabinet handle: which one is the best?

Cabinet handles are a very necessary addition to your cabinets, especially in the kitchen, which is a work area where you need easy access to your cabinets. Thus, the furniture and its accessories are in constant contact with water or other elements of daily use, so they must be treated with resistant materials.

The classification we show you contemplates those elements, which in Emuca are essential when it comes to design. Discover the most suitable materials and the best designed types of cabinet handles.

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What are the best materials for cabinet handles?

If we talk about materials, there are the most durable, the most decorative or the most innovative. Among the types of materials that best suit the function that any cabinet handle must fulfill, are the following.


If you need durable and strong handles that can withstand a high volume of work, then you should choose steel cabinet handles. These handles, will perfectly tolerate the passage of time, corrosion and rust, all thanks to their robust alloy.


If, on the other hand, you require rather light but durable handles, then you should choose aluminum handles. These accessories are corrosion resistant and a little more economical than steel handles, in addition to adding an avant-garde touch to your decor.


Choosing zamak handles is a good choice when you want variety of designs combined with hardness and strength.  This is because this alloy of metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc and magnesium, is widely used to manufacture different and firm cabinet handles.

Its versatility and consistency, quite similar to that of steel, make it highly appreciated, in addition to being more economical handles.


The handles you choose made of strong plastics such as ABS/PVC, are specially designed to withstand much better wear and tear in outdoor spaces. They are very resistant to impacts due to their composition, and you can also get them in multiple shapes and colors, as it is an easily moldable material.

As for the types of shooters, which are better?

The variety is overwhelming, but don’t worry: we have made a selection for you, which will guide you much better in choosing the style and decoration you need.

A detail that you should not overlook to choose the best cabinet handle from the design of the same, is that it combines perfectly with the style you already have defined in your spaces.

Modern cabinet handle

Cabinet handles in this style feature clean lines, both straight and curved. Their designs are minimalist, without elaborate embellishments, in metallic or ochre colors. Most of them have two screw points for installation.


These handles evoke past times, without leaving behind all the style and elegance that characterized them in their time. They are of more elaborate designs, with a fusion of different materials such as zamak and ceramic and aged or copper finishes.


Knobs are a cabinet handle with a single point of installation. Their shapes are quite diverse, with round and spherical ones being found in greater numbers, in ceramic finishes, with quite simple or very ornate designs.


The profiles are elements to hold the doors of the furniture; they differ from the common handles by their size, in most cases they are continuous and can cover the entire width or length of the door. Another feature is their installation, which is done in such a way that they are hidden from view or very inconspicuous.

In short: what you should keep in mind

The first thing is to know the type of closet where you will place your handles, as well as the style you have established for the space. Another crucial aspect to consider is the type of material and how often you will use the cabinet: this will tell you which handle you should use.

Finally, remember that the colors, shapes, and even if you don’t want them to be seen at all, is what will help you to define that handle you want so much. Go for it! Surely in Emuca we have it.

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