Emuca drawers: 5 ideas that will make your work easier when using them

Among the most important elements in our home are Emuca’s drawers. The reason is that these modules allow us to organize the objects in our home without overloading the environment with things.

In order to build a pleasant living space, it is necessary that the organization of many of our objects is destined to the drawers. On the other hand, drawers have an indispensable practical function: they allow us to regroup small objects by categories, making it much easier to find and locate them.

That’s why today we want to show you how to make the most of our drawers. You will enjoy more and better its incredible utilities.

Emuca drawer types and functions

Emuca’s drawers fulfill different functions and, based on the task you want to give them, it is necessary to know what needs different types of modules respond to.

Our drawers are in great demand, because details are our specialty and finding the balance between beauty and functionality is our priority.

It is important, above all, to know what purpose the drawer is going to serve, in order to choose the best option. We want to tell you about our ideas for using them and getting the most out of them.

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5 ideas for the use of Emuca drawers

We know that (almost) every space in your home has drawers.

However, how can we prevent them from becoming piles of undefined objects and end up spending hours searching through them? Here are some recommendations from the Emuca blog.

An Emuca drawer for each function:

Having defined a particular function for your drawers will not only help you keep order more easily: it will also allow you to choose the one that suits you best. For example: if you are structuring your office and you already know you will need to organize documents…. why not choose a file drawer instead of a regular one?

We’ve designed the Padframe file drawer, so you don’t have to half-organize your documents in a standard drawer. Just as you wouldn’t put your silverware in a deep drawer, don’t put your papers in drawers that aren’t designed for document storage!

Know the style you are looking for: Consistency

Sometimes it happens that, due to lack of planning and unforeseen circumstances, we end up losing coherence among the furniture in our home. This is because we think of each space as something particular. And, even if it is, we must maintain uniformity to generate harmony and obtain an aesthetic communication between our most important spaces.

Thus, Emuca’s drawers are categorized, and we have spent time detailing the designs so that you can imagine the spaces you are looking for. On our website we show you the differences between them, so you can recognize the type of drawer that best suits your home.

Accessories to organize your drawers

Almost certainly you have already used some accessories to place inside your drawers and create more order.

In fact, it is very common that we do it with the drawers where we keep the cutlery. However, we can also do it with the long drawers by placing steel structures inside. This allows us to accommodate our utensils more easily, and to have them always at hand.

Emuca drawers: vertical and horizontal

Although they look similar from the outside, vertical and horizontal Emuca drawers have different functions.

While horizontal drawers are more for storage without accessories inside, vertical Emuca drawers need an internal structure to hold everything, and are designed to locate objects that might as well be on a shelf.

Depth tells you the function

The depth of Emuca drawers gives you clues about what to keep and what not to keep in each drawer. Shallow horizontal drawers are always best for small, easily misplaced items. Deep drawers are always a good choice for larger items.

It is important that you do not get carried away by space: deep drawers are not intended to hold the weight of many things or a large volume and weight, but to classify large items, so that they have their own place of protection.

Now that you know a little more about the use of Emuca drawers and how to make the most of them, nothing can stop you from making your spaces more and more functional without leaving behind the refinement that your home deserves. Don’t be satisfied with just storing objects: make your drawers part of a balanced home that your loved ones can enjoy as they deserve.

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