Cabinet handles: how do they work and what are their advantages?

Aesthetics and functionality must always go hand in hand: a functional environment is useless if it is not pleasant or vice versa. Choosing handles for cabinets is an excellent example of this, where these two aspects must be combined to choose the right and comfortable handle.

But the best thing is that you have many options among all the variety and types of handles that exist: at Emuca you are sure to find one that perfectly fits what you are looking for.

And to make your job easier, we have a guide on the advantages of the different types of handles and how they work. So you’ll have a clearer idea of how to choose and which handle is right for your cabinets. Ready?

Advantages and function of cabinet handle types

Handles always add a touch of detail: whether discreet or eye-catching, they influence the style and how you open your cabinets.

Each type has its advantages and is best suited to different situations. Always remember to choose according to your taste: after all, you are the one who will be wearing them.


One type of handle that is becoming increasingly popular and fashionable is the minimalist handle. This type includes numerous models of handles with a simple and clean design that unifies them.

The material is not decisive, but in general they have an elongated shape with right angles. They work perfectly in two orientations and, in addition, they have enough area for greater comfort when handling them.


  • Discreet and simple aesthetics
  • Comfort and large grip area
  • Wide range of combination possibilities


One type of cabinet handles that enjoys excellent quality are those that are bar-shaped. Thanks to their cylindrical shape and usual design, they always have a large grip area.

They are usually made of steel, with a matte, glossy finish. Because of their design, they work well with minimalist, urban and modern styles contrasting with light colors.


  • Comfortable cylindrical grip
  • Combines with many modern styles
  • Simple and delicate design

Classic rustic

Classic rustic designs give that strong, retro and traditional air to a space with its characteristic aesthetics, having finishes in copper, bronze or silver but aged. It is undoubtedly a very striking style that takes us back to the past, but brought to the present in combination with more modern trends.

It works perfectly in environments where you want to highlight details such as these handles, or where you are looking to give the set a classic style with elements of the past. An important fact is that, when choosing them, it is important that their curvature is more accentuated, as this will give more space for the grip.


  • Eye-catching and classic look
  • They have a long service life
  • Small and versatile

Shell design

Continuing with the classic or retro styles is the shell design. These handles are versatile when it comes to combining them, because a change of finish can completely change the style, and go from a vintage look to a more modern or industrial one.

By choosing them with copper finishes we are moving towards a rustic and classic look. On the other hand, by choosing a neutral color such as black or enamel, you will have a more industrial or modern orientation.

They are comfortable to hold, quite eye-catching and unique. They do not take up much space so you will have versatility in their placement, but they are not suitable for discreet designs.


  • Reduced size
  • Eye-catching and unique design
  • Versatility of use and finishes.

Robust handles

For both cabinets and kitchen drawers, handles with a robust and large appearance can be used. The larger the grip area, the more comfortable and easier it will be to use. Generally, they have a straight and rectangular design, where clean lines and minimalist finishes predominate.

Finishes tend to be glossy and matte, with the former being more eye-catching although they are easily soiled. Orientation is not a problem, as they can operate vertically or horizontally.


  • Comfortable grip due to size
  • Versatility in orientation
  • Clean, minimalist and modern design
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A more discreet style, but with a unique personality, are recessed or recessed handles. These are recessed into the wood or door material and are virtually flush.

Because they do not protrude, there is less risk of tripping over them and you can play with the many designs offered by this type. They exist in circular, rectangular and square shapes, but you can find them with different designs, contrasting with the materials and shapes of the cabinet.


  • Discreet and concealed design
  • Various shapes and models
  • Set with the door and materials where it is placed

The importance of choosing an ideal cabinet handle

Choosing the details and aspects that stand out in a space can be a time-consuming decision. This is normal, since the aim is to create a pleasant environment with high aesthetic value.

At Emuca, getting the right handles for cabinets or drawers is not difficult, since we have a great variety and they are organized for you to choose more comfortably. Get yours!

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