Open your drawers with just a touch!

If you want a functional wardrobe or walk-in-closet with clean lines and no handles, that is tidy and does not complicate your day-to-day, every little detail helps. Specific accessories for each item, a good interior lightning… and easy-to-open-and-close drawers. Have you ever tried the push system? Due to its mechanism, you just need to lightly press the front of your drawers a little to access it. One touch and done!

Not only it minimises efforts when opening and closing pieces of furniture, but installing a push system will also make the movement smoother and quieter. No loud clashes that may damage the materials. So they last longer, which is good.

With this practical system you will forget about handles. You will avoid cleaning them because they accumulate dust or bumping into them everything time you need to grab something. In addition, it will simplify the look of your chest of drawers and auxiliary units, opening up space and adding a very up-to-date minimalist touch.


The key is in the runners!

To open and close drawers with a touch you need to install a specific runners kit like the Slippe model by Emuca. It has different options to find the one that suits your wardrobe best. Do you have enough space in front of it or are there any obstacles? Depending on where they are, you may install Slippe total extraction runners, so you can pull out the whole drawer, or Slippe partial extraction runners, so you only pull out part of it. They are hidden runners, so you won’t see them when you pull out the drawers.

You may also choose the depth of the runners, which will have to match that of the drawers. You have five different options: 240, 290, 390, 440 and 490 mm. They are made of steel, a material that ensures durability, and they can take up to a 25 kg load.

Push system for auxiliary door units

If you have an auxiliary unit with doors inside your wardrobe, your walk-in-closet or your room, you can also eliminate the handles thanks to the push system. You may do so by installing a small mechanism, like with drawers, that will allow you the smooth opening and closing of doors, cushioning movement and minimising loud clashes or noises.

Installing the Push closing by Emuca in the doors of your auxiliary unit is quite simple. You just need to screw it in the upper corner opposite the hinge, on the opening side, with simple small self-drilling 3 mm screws. A fast and easy process.

In sum, with the push system using your wardrobe on a daily basis will be more comfortable. Opening and closing your drawers will be easier and thanks to the elimination of the handles, you will get a more uniform, tidy and clean look.