Key factors in choosing kitchen furniture fittings

herrajes para muebles de cocina

The professional installation of a kitchen involves taking special care of the details, which are what really make the difference both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. One of the most important, and at the same time most unknown, are the fittings for kitchen furniture. We will analyse what they contribute to the room, and how we can choose the most suitable ones in each case.

Why are kitchen furniture fittings important?

Kitchen fittings are all the parts that are applied to furniture to make it comfortable and smooth to use. This is especially important in this type of space, where many objects are stored and handled in daily tasks. Although furniture design has evolved greatly in recent years and these pieces must be adapted to each model, the list of basic kitchen furniture accessories includes:

  • The hinges, that allow for opening and closing doors. Therefore, they undergo heavy wear over time if they are not of excellent quality.
  • Off-set hinges, which fulfil the same function but have an independent axis
  • The handles, which combine functionality and aesthetics 
  • The extension systems, the lifting doors that help to be able to use all the furniture correctly

Essentially, kitchen furniture fittings are the best allies for the intelligent use of the work areas in this room. Proper placement saves time and avoids unnecessary effort, such as stretching or bending down to pick things up. With this aim, some specific ones are used in each of the pieces that make up the kitchen. The drawers and pot-and-pan drawers are an ergonomic solution to facilitate visibility and access to the contents of the ground level units. In addition, they can be organised on different levels to improve their final functionality. Likewise, rotating shelf fittings are the best way to make the most of the space and to be able to access all the contents without having to stretch or adopt bad postures. The use of kitchen furniture fittings in wall cabinets, such as folding or hinged doors, allows people to move around in the space without any problems. They also make it easier to use the available overhead space, since hanging systems can move the contents downwards with a simple movement. Another of the most practical options to consider when choosing accessories for kitchen furniture is the installation of column cabinets. Their removable fittings provide easy access to stored food, so they can hold a large volume of packages. Similarly, the cabinets with a column door and various interior drawers are very functional when it comes to finding the items you are looking for in each drawer Of course, it is not always necessary to install all the kitchen fittings indicated to have a comfortable and well-arranged space. However, it is necessary to be clear about their importance in the final design of the furniture to ensure a professional installation of a kitchen

What are the advantages? 

Kitchen furniture fittings are not just another element in the construction and installation of its various parts. The use of these devices offers us several advantages, which we can define in three big categories:  

Aesthetic benefits

All the fittings, including those inside the furniture, help to make the kitchen look better. On the one hand, they allow all the elements to be stored properly and, therefore, the space to be tidy. On the other hand, the handles and other external devices are the final detail that rounds off the decoration. This makes it much easier to create the right ambience to feel at home.  

Comfort and convenience

The kitchen is one of the spaces where we all spend the most hours a day. Therefore, it is especially important to ensure the comfort of its users. Kitchen furniture fittings are designed so that it is not necessary to make complicated movements to take anything from a cupboard.

Save time

These kitchen furniture accessories are not only designed to improve accessibility. They also help with the visibility of stored products. Consequently, it is much quicker to find what you are looking for. In this way, in addition to spending less time on kitchen tasks, users also feel more relaxed.  

Key factors in choosing kitchen furniture fittings

What are the most suitable kitchen furniture fittings? The truth is that there is no single answer to this question. In essence, these fittings must be adapted to the needs of the space and its users. Therefore, each kitchen will require certain models. However, it is worth considering some basic tips when choosing kitchen fittings.  To begin with, it is necessary to assess the dimensions of the kitchen. If it is a small room or one with many corners, you will need to look for fittings that help to optimise the space, such as hinged doors or revolving shelves.

herrajes para muebles de cocina

Likewise, the size of the furniture is another key factor, especially when choosing handles. It is important that the parts to be installed are consistent with the doors and drawers, to avoid an unsightly optical effect.   The latest trends in kitchen decoration and layout should also be considered. Both aesthetically and functionally, they can offer innovative solutions to optimise space and furniture. In any case, fashion should never determine the choice of fittings for kitchen furniture.   In the same way, the general aesthetics of the space is a determining factor for the fittings. Obviously, the application of these kitchen furniture fittings is related to the type of decoration you want to achieve. A rustic and a minimalist kitchen have little in common aesthetically, and these differences are what determine the choice of exterior fittings   The materials used in the structure will also condition the type of kitchen furniture fittings used. For example, brass will always be more suitable for a rustic style, while aluminium is more appropriate for modern and minimalist kitchens.   The security and durability of these items is another important factor in judging whether to use them. If a quality hinge is not used, the door of the cabinet will most likely end up being damaged. Therefore, the kitchen will lose in aesthetics and functionality.   Finally, we should take into account that the kitchen is a place where plenty of dirt, especially grease, is produced. It is therefore important to choose a fitting that is easy to clean, both in terms of size and design. This way, its maintenance will be much easier, and its useful life will be much longer. Kitchen furniture fittings play a fundamental role in the decoration and arrangement of this space. Therefore, the design of the furniture and the choice of these accessories allow users to feel at ease in this room and, furthermore, to optimise the space to the maximum. At Emuca we offer quality fittings that adapt to any space, do not hesitate and contact us!

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