Emuca handles to give a new look to your home

To give a different look to a house or change its style, sometimes it doesn’t take a great effort or a big investment of money. On occasions like this, a substantial change can come from the smallest thing, such as Emuca handles. Here, handles play an essential role. With a slight change of materials, style or shape, the furniture takes on a new look as if it were completely overturned. But of course, you have to know how to do it. At Emuca we give you some ideas on how you can achieve this with our range of handles.
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Emuca handles: keys to choosing the right gearbox

Each space where an Emuca handle is to be installed will largely determine the right choice. A very common example of this is the handles to be fitted in the kitchen. Bear in mind that if the design has a lot of detail, cleaning it will be a headache in a space like the kitchen, where grease and other elements tend to stick to surfaces. That is why, in this specific case, it is best to choose metal or plastic fittings with a smooth design and shape to keep them hygienic. On the other hand, in an environment that does not have these conditions, such as a living room, a piece of furniture can have more complex designs without involving a problem or greater effort.

A minimalist change

Our first idea seeks to highlight the minimalist decorative style in a piece of furniture. To achieve this, you can change the handle of a kitchen drawer or cupboard for a square or rectangular one, such as the Atlanta or Bilbao model by Emuca. These consist of pieces with simple, straight shapes, with a finish that can vary, although it is recommended in this case that it be matt and black or white.

The modernity of metal

Beautifully finished metal handles always evoke a modern style to furniture, especially when finished in chrome or satin finish. They are handles that express elegance and a timeless style, especially if their shapes are straight and very marked. That’s why if your furniture has other types of handles such as curved or matte-finished handles, you can give it a special, modern twist by fitting them with handles such as the Bristol and Genova models.

Back to the classics

The vintage style is very popular in kitchen decoration, with its worn copper finishes, and a fusion between antique and industrial. To achieve a complete decoration, the ideal handles are a must. For this reason, hardware such as shell-type fittings with a worn finish will be very appropriate. But it’s not the only option, knobs and handles with circular handles can also give this look to your home.

Remodelling the home with Emuca handles

You can find a wide variety of Emuca handles that will allow you to renew the style or modify it without any type of complication. Every solution you need is available with multiple models, from knobs to hidden profiles. All you have to do is look through our product catalogue and make your choice taking into account some of the ideas we offer you from our experience as manufacturers and designers. Surprise your customers with a big change from a small piece.

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