A pull-down hanger to optimise your wardrobe space

A horizontal rail to hang your clothes and a pull-down system to easily access them. The Sling hanger by Emuca is designed to make the most of all the vertical space in your wardrobe, rising the usual height of hanging rails and freeing the space underneath. Thanks to its balancing supports and its pull handle, you can easily and effortlessly pull down the rail whenever you want. You just need to slide the pull handle, pick the item you want and return the rail to its place. That simple.

Its structure, made of steel, is adjustable: you may adapt it to the measures of the hanging rail to adjust the hanger to your space. It also has a fastening system that reduces balancing, making taking your clothes from the wardrobe much easier and safer.

The advantages of a pull-down rail

The Sling hanger will be great if your wardrobe is very tall and does not have a shelf at the top. By leaving the highest part for the rail, you will optimise the rest of the space and gain storage capacity. You may install another rail at medium height, place organiser drawers, trouser racks… or any other solution that adapts to your needs.

It is also a good possibility to have a specific space for your longer clothes, and more so if your wardrobe has a chest of drawers or an intermediate rail that don’t allow them to hang straight. Suits, long dresses or coats will have more space and will be better preserved. Moreover, it its designed to support their weight: it has a capacity of up to 12 kilos.

How to install the Sling hanger in your wardrobe

To install the Sling pull-down hanger, you just need a screwdriver, an Allen key and a few screws. Its assembling does not take much time and anyone can do it, no matter your do-it-yourself experience.

Start by marking the position of the bases of the balancing system in the wardrobe sides. They must be aligned and separated from the back, at a distance ensuring hangers don’t touch it. Fix them with the help of the screws included and a phillips screwdriver. Once fixed, regulate the width of the horizontal rail, adjusting it to the space: doing so is as easy as turning the right and left parts of the cylinder in opposite directions, changing its size and turning it again to the initial position. Then, join the rail to the balancing supports through the joint and fix it with hexagonal screws and an Allen key. Lastly, place the handle to the horizontal rail with a small screw and fix the embellishments to the support bases. Ready!

If your wardrobe has hinges, you may install two lateral spacers to avoid them when pulling down the rail. Consequently, when pulling down the hanger, it will have no obstacles.

There is also an accessory for those who need, due to the characteristics of their wardrobe, to place the bases of the balancing system at the back of the same. Placing a stop over them (you simply need to press it until you hear a click) the rails will be more separated from the back.

Choose the finish you like the most

 This pull-down hanger by Emuca comes in different finishings to choose the one that best suits your taste or the other elements in your wardrobe. There are three options to choose from: metallic finish (chromed steel rails and plastic pieces painted in metallic aluminium colour), white or titanium. It is up to you! Moreover, give it a warmer touch with the lateral bases embellishments with textile effects in different colours.

In sum, the Sling hanger is a practical and versatile option if you want your wardrobe to be more functional. Combine it with other organiser accessories such as pull-out drawers or organiser trays and use your space to the last centimetre.

If you have any questions regarding the installation or any of its characteristics, we will read your comments!

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