Quality and comfortable kitchen, what type of doors for kitchen cabinets are best for me?

Choosing doors for kitchen cabinets is perhaps one of the most complicated decisions when renovating. It may not seem like a big deal, yet it is what will define the style of the space and the décor that will be put in place.

Also, design is not the only factor to take into account, functionality is paramount in determining the choice of what type of door to put on the kitchen units. Choosing the right ones is what will ensure a strong and durable piece of furniture.

Kitchen furniture is the most prone to suffer wear and tear due to temperature changes, daily use and the humidity present in the environment, so knowing how to choose the right one is important. At Emuca we know this and that is why we help you to make this decision. Stay with us and find out which type of wardrobe door suits you best.

Kitchen cabinet doors: how to choose?

In the market there is a wide variety of materials for the manufacture of doors for kitchen cabinets, there are laminated, stratified, lacquered, veneered, among others. These are the most commonly used:

Laminated doors

It is the most common material used to make doors for kitchen units, because it is durable and resistant. Laminate is ideal for kitchens that will see a lot of use, can be easily cleaned and is difficult to scratch.

It is a compressed wood and resin with decorative laminates in different colours, textures and finishes. They are very versatile kitchen cabinet doors.

Laminated doors

Laminated doors are one of the most economical options, they are made of chipboard with a laminated foil covering.

Because of this, they are difficult to scratch, highly resistant to impact and wear, unlike laminated doors. However, as a more porous material, they are often more difficult to clean.

They go very well with modern decors as they can be finished in gloss, matt and are even compatible with automatic locks.

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Glass doors

If what you want is a spotless kitchen with a minimalist finish, glass is the ideal option. These are made up of an aluminium structure, on which the lacquered glass is placed, giving a solid, glossy or matt finish, depending on the user’s taste.

It is a water and heat resistant material and can be manufactured in any colour from the Pantone colour chart and can be customised with screen printing.

This type of kitchen cabinet doors gives a finish very similar to lacquered, with the difference that it is much easier to maintain, however, it is one of the most expensive options.

Lacquered cabinet doors

This material for the manufacture of kitchen cabinet doors stands out for the possibility of customising them to each person’s taste. They can be manufactured in the desired shades, making it possible to create completely integrated spaces or very striking contrasts.

They are manufactured using MDF, which is characterised by being a material that is not very sensitive to humidity, to which several coats of polyester paint are applied, with an acrylic or polyurethane finish, either gloss, matt or textured.

Steel cabinet doors

The most convenient for professional kitchens is that the doors of their furniture are made of steel, since it is the most hygienic material of all due to its ease of cleaning. It is the one that scratches more easily and supposes a somewhat higher economic investment, however, its price can be lowered if it is combined with other materials.

Solid wooden doors

Solid wood doors are the ones that age best, as they are very resistant to the passage of time, and when combined with other materials, they offer very personal styles and contrasts. In this way, they give the kitchen a very beautiful and aesthetic touch.

Finally, it is the most expensive material of all, but it is absolutely worth it as it will be high quality and very resistant furniture.

Doors for kitchen cabinets: other aspects to consider

To conclude, in addition to the material with which the cabinet doors are made, it is necessary to take into account some details that will make the difference in a quality and comfortable kitchen, such as the edging, a very important part of them although they are hardly noticed.

Likewise, the hinges, drawer runners and handles are fundamental pieces for the functionality of the kitchen furniture.

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen furniture? Don’t hesitate to take a look at Emuca’s digital catalogue, where you will see everything you need to make this project a success, high quality materials that will define the before and after of your kitchen.

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