Multiply the potential of your furniture with Emuca hinges

Furniture is indispensable in the home, as it contributes to making every space more livable, cozy and functional. Especially those that use Emuca hinges. Can’t you imagine your home without cabinets? Or the kitchen without drawers? You will agree that thinking about it generates an uncomfortable image and an impractical home.

Today we will talk about a fundamental element of your furniture, which is often overlooked. The underestimated hinges. You will know the reasons to opt for hinges manufactured by Emuca and of superior quality. We review their importance to extend the life of your furniture and, especially, to ensure your comfort.

Emuca hinges: do I need them on the furniture?

If you are planning to perform maintenance on your old furniture or you are planning to design and build from scratch that dream furniture (or have others do it for you), taking care of every detail is essential to achieve the result you are looking for.

Sometimes we take for granted that the hinges allow the correct functioning of the furniture that uses them. Opening and closing doors is such an everyday action that, if it is difficult, it generates great frustration.

Are there other reasons to opt for top quality Emuca hinges? The answer is a resounding yes, and here are some of them, not only related to functionality:

  • Better aesthetics.
  • Extends the useful life.
  • Reliable and resistant.

We are now going to review some basic elements to choose correctly this type of hardware. This way you will be able to better appreciate why the hinges we manufacture at Emuca make such a difference.

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What is a hinge and how does it work?

In case you are wondering, the hinge is a very simple, but very useful mechanism. It consists of two parts joined by a pivot axis: being generally and traditionally made of metallic materials, although nowadays it is also possible to find them made of some polymers.

In principle, one of the parts is fixed to the furniture and the other to the leaf or face that will act as a door, thus allowing the effect of opening and closing.

Importance of a good hinge

The characteristic wear of this type of friction mechanisms is an element to take into account, especially in that furniture of daily use, such as those found in kitchens and bathrooms. In addition to the deterioration represented by oxidation (in hinges that are not plastic), the effects of abrasive products and the accumulation of dirt on the shaft.

The aforementioned factors affect the proper functioning of all types of hinges. They are more intense in those of dubious manufacture or those that simply do not comply with the adequate resistance.

Therefore, it becomes almost essential to use certified quality hardware. This way, you will be able to avoid the inconveniences you will see below.

How do hinges have a negative influence on furniture?

At this point you can imagine what happens when a hinge does not meet expectations. Here are some of the common problems of hinges with poor quality or advanced deterioration:

  • Doors that fall under their own weight.
  • Squeaking and annoying sounds when opening or closing.
  • Difficulty or resistance when turning.
  • Incorrect opening angles.
  • Inaccuracy when closing.
  • Unpleasant aesthetics.

Hinge types you will find in Emuca

We offer models with multiple features: different degrees of opening, soft closing, angled arm, pressure, among others.

The most outstanding Emuca hinges are:

  • X91: with or without soft closing, spring-loaded, angled arms and wide opening range.
  • C50: specially designed cup model with short arm and 105° opening.
  • X95: 110° opening, with elbow, super-elbow and straight variations.
  • Special hinges: for glass doors of the cap, edge or center type. As well as Ankor, secreter and brass hinges.

What are the advantages of Emuca hinges?

With highly competitive prices, variety of models, materials and finishes in hinges and supplements, acquiring and using our hardware is a safe and effective investment for your comfort and that of your loved ones and guests. In addition to avoiding the aforementioned problems, their long useful life will be worth every euro invested.

Each of the products we offer is supported by a highly trained and committed staff, endorsing Emuca’s values; with social and environmental responsibility and complying with the relevant European quality standards in the production processes.


Bring back to life that piece of furniture with unruly doors and make it functional again, just by changing a few screws. You’ll immediately notice the difference. Even if you intend to redesign from scratch. Secure the job with our hinges and enjoy the result.

Visit the Emuca hinge section online and find out which of our models and packages suit your needs – we have a great variety! You can also use our comparison table of available options. Buying quality hinges has never been easier.

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