How to multiply storage with drawers and shelf supports?

In today’s homes of all sizes, drawers and shelf supports are key, because storage is gold. That every object has its place and that these spaces are distributed with an aesthetic and functional design is practically a dream.

That’s why taking advantage of free spaces to multiply storage is something you can achieve with the right drawers and supports.

These provide you with ideal places to position, classify, store and organise your belongings in different styles and sizes, always thinking of solutions that can be adapted to your needs.

There are even multiple accessories that you can add to your drawers to make the most of that space under a sink, or to improve the organisation and distribution of your belongings.

The important thing is that you have the capacity to multiply the storage of your different areas, and for that we will tell you how to do it with drawers and shelf supports.

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Emuca drawers and shelf brackets

The drawers and shelf supports designed and manufactured by Emuca have multiple formats, from horizontal to vertical, with hidden runners, high or low ribs, in short, a large number of possibilities. This means that when it comes to choosing one, you can choose the one that best suits your style.

Vertical drawers

Those with an elongated vertical shape are often fitted with an internal shelf system to maximise their height. This type of drawer is widely used in kitchens for condiments or jars of varying heights.

But they are also useful in bathrooms, to use the storage when you want to organise all your personal products in a hidden and optimised way. We recommend this type of drawers in spaces where horizontal drawers would not fit and you can place them to maximize the practical space of your areas.


Horizontal drawers

On the other hand, horizontal drawers are the most common, they can be found in any place and area of the home. However, they are often not fully exploited.

These storage spaces have a potential that is sometimes not exploited to the full and one of the most common factors is not having clarity about the usefulness of each size.

A large drawer is not always better. Although it allows us to store larger and more voluminous objects, with small ones it will be a complete disaster and waste of space. Nobody likes to look through a pile of objects, that’s why organisers or the implementation of shallow drawers is indispensable.

To multiply the storage in a large drawer there are accessories you can install, plus there are drawers with oversized front panels that when unfolded reveal smaller hidden drawers. Nothing beats Emuca’s drawers and shelf supports.

A drawer under a dishwasher?

A drawer can be placed almost anywhere. Now you can have a drawer under the sink or washbasin in an aesthetic way, since, except for the tap, it can completely hide the pipes, taking advantage of this space, both in bathrooms and kitchens.

Drawers under the bed

If you have little space in your bedroom, this idea is sure to be great for you. With Emuca slides you can place a drawer wherever you want, even under your bed. You can make the most of that space and make the most of it with an aesthetic solution as well.

There are several ways to place them, if the bed has a wooden structure on which to work it will be very easy to support the drawer with common guides. However, if it does not have one, you can make drawers with wheels.

Drawers and shelf supports: a lot to offer

Drawers and supports for shelves or ledges are a clean and airy solution that will allow you to create storage spaces in an easy and simplified way. In addition, you can combine decorative objects with others that you need to store to create mixed functional spaces.

One of the advantages of these supports is that they can be added to other pieces of furniture, to a wall, inside a wardrobe, even to the fridge if they have magnets.

Not only ornaments are decorative

Open shelves are often not fully utilised because the objects being stored are in plain view, and are only used for ornaments or decorative pieces.

But a crockery can be an excellent decorative element in your kitchen, like a shelf with folded towels in your bathroom or a bookshelf in a living room or bedroom. They are all objects that you need to store, but they also add a nice, conceptual look to spaces.

Do not exceed the limit of the shelves

By this we don’t just mean weight, but aesthetics. A shelf with a lot of objects will look disorganised and will not add anything nice to your space.

On the other hand, there are other solutions if you are looking for more storage, such as placing baskets, and place your objects in them.

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Do you need more drawers and shelf supports?

At Emuca we know how important storage space is and how to make the most of it. Our pieces are specially manufactured and designed to offer utility with an excellent finish, being your allies when it comes to furniture. If you need to multiply the storage in your home, here you will find what you need.

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