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Social media is a powerful tool to be able to communicate to our audience and clients about updates and all kinds of information regarding the world of furniture. That is why Emuca on social media works so well.  That’s why at Emuca we are interested in taking advantage of all platforms in the best way to create quality content. From how to make the best use of hardware, to how to install hinges and decorate spaces.  You can find all this and much more on our social networks. To go a little deeper, we will show you what we show in each of them where we are present. So you can find out and take advantage of our content according to your interests. 

Emuca on social media: Instagram 

One of the most popular social networks for audiovisual content worldwide, you probably use it all the time. In any case, on our profile you can find great first-hand images of our products. How you can install them and apply them in your renovation or reconstruction projects.  This is at first glance, but we also have Reels and videos of interviews we do with direct customers about their experience with our company.  Another branch of content you can find is valuable information about our products, from details, curiosities, uses, trends and innovation. With links to our blog so that you can broaden and deepen the information. 
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On Facebook, which is still one of the most widely used social networks, you can find on the wall, relevant information and all the updates of our company, with links redirected to our blog and great audiovisual content that accompanies the text.  If you use this great social network you can find out everything that is happening in our company, innovative products, new events and how we are evolving little by little.  When you are planning a remodelling project you want to be up to date with the trends that we publish and if you are a seller you should not miss anything. Being up to date is one of the keys to success and at Emuca we know it, that’s why we have Emuca on social networks! 

Emuca in social networks: TikTok 

TikTok, the social network that has gained the most users in recent years is very cool. The fun and informative content you can get is worth watching. For our part, we aim to show how our systems work with high quality videos.  We are also looking for our customers to use our products and upload videos to post their content. We love interacting with our customers and seeing them use our products.  On the other hand, if you want to see what our Showroom is like, we have some videos about what we exhibit. In addition, of course, to the current trends and new innovative products we are launching on the market. 


LinkedIn, the social network dedicated to the professional environment, is the largest in its field, making it a great tool to learn more about jobs, opportunities and talent search.  In our Emuca Group profile you can see a more entrepreneurial side. From details of our performance and personalities who are part of our great team.  We also show our informative content about our products and innovations. You will also find tips for installation and how to use them in offices and commercial environments.  Finally, if you want to attend the events in which we participate, there you can find out about our future interventions, get to know us first hand and be the first to know what we will bring to the market. 


Pinterest is a social network that is characterised by showing great ideas about practically any area. At Emuca we take advantage of this platform to do the same.  You will find brilliant ideas on how to use or apply our products, fittings, decoration ideas and more.  In this social network you can also find inspiring content focused on the values that we want to expose as a company and that identify us.  If you go into the “saved” section you will see all the categories sorted, where you will find the events we do and the upcoming ones, elements about our offices and team.  Most of this content is linked to our blog, so you will be able to dig deeper into the information in most of the posts and find out more detail by following the link. 


Finally, we have our profile on Houzz, a social network that is not so well known, but which focuses on the niche of remodelling, design and home decoration.  Here you can find from products to great ideas that will help you to complement or finish your remodelling, renovation or construction project in the best way and with the help of professionals, like us.  We have various ideas, applications for our products and much more, with high quality images so you can visualise in detail everything we have to give you in home solutions. 

Emuca in the social networks 

Our participation in all these social networks and platforms is active and constant, visit us and find out what is happening in Emuca, especially if you are in the process of remodeling or if you are a furniture lover. 

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