Door profiles: discover the best accessories for closets and dressing rooms

When you have cabinets in your bedroom, bathroom, living room and other spaces, there are different factors that influence the aesthetics and excellent finish that we all look for: the type of door profiles, color, style and many more features.

These profiles and handles offer different finishes and finishes, each with a specific function and aesthetic value that will make a difference in the space where it is located. There is so much variety in the market that there is an option for everyone.

At Emuca we have several profiles that you can choose from to give your cabinets a unique look. It should be noted that there are also accessories and complements for walk-in closets, which improve the functionality of the spaces, taking advantage of every place in your closets. We invite you to take a look at our digital catalog to evaluate all the options we have to offer.

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What are door profiles?

Within the composition of a piece of furniture there are so many pieces and parts that sometimes it is difficult to know what each one is. This happens with furniture and, of course, with cabinets. Door profiles are bars that are placed on the edges of the doors and serve as an aesthetic frame and handle to pull or push the door leaf.

These can be made of different materials: plastic, aluminum, iron, among others, each one offers a different durability, weight and finish. However, at Emuca we can tell you that the aluminum ones have a special value.

Do I need profiles in my cabinets?

This question is entirely appropriate, of course. The answer is that if you want an excellent finish on your doors, both aesthetically and functionally, door profiles are a must.

A profile is more than just a door frame or door limit, because it offers other functions. If you have a wooden door, an anodized aluminum profile will create a contrast while protecting its edges. In addition, it will allow you to pull it anywhere.

They also serve to cover the imperfections of a wooden door on its edges and some models come with caps included.

Profile models

Within the profiles for wooden doors, you can find several types with different aspects. Below, we will tell you about the excellent options that you can purchase at Emuca.

Adige handle profiles

This type of profile consists of three models with a simple and minimalist design, made of aluminum and with a matte anodized finish. The vertical profile has only the function of a protective profile and aesthetic cover for the edges of the doors.

There is also a model with the function of handle. This has a rectangular tube that protrudes from the main piece to serve as a handle and allow the doors to be opened.

Finally, there is the model that, in addition to having a handle, also has a cover, which gives a better finish and aesthetics in some cases.

Free Face handle profiles

Door profiles of this type are made of aluminum with water and corrosion resistance. Its appearance is minimalist and elegant and it is offered in a matte anodized finish.

It is also available in three models, the first one being simple, another one with handle and, finally, the one with cover and handle at the same time.

Unlike the models explained above, this type in its three models requires a longitudinal cut in the edge of the wood to be able to fit the profile.

Free Rapid handle profiles

The Free Rapid profiles have a clean and simple aesthetic, with an enviable resistance and a matte anodized finish.

The difference of this model is that its handle profiles have a smaller distance in the width of the grip zone and in the channel where it is installed, generating a different appearance from the models mentioned above.

On the other hand, unlike the Free Face, it is not necessary to cut the wood to install it.

Styl door profiles

When looking for simplicity and a break with straight lines, Styl profiles are an excellent choice. They have a softer design in two models where the one with the handle consists of a small curvature that protrudes harmoniously and discreetly.

Installation does not require cutting into the wood on the edge and they are made of resistant aluminum. These profiles are discreet because of their small dimensions and there is no model with a cover.

Sparta profile

These profiles are different from the previous ones because of their shape, grip and how they are installed, offering a more striking aesthetic in the cabinets, but still elegant.

For its installation it is necessary to make the cut in the door so that the profile fits in it.

Final considerations on door profiles

As a final thought, it is important to remember that it is essential to take the utmost care in the installation of door profiles. By being attentive to the way the profile is positioned and its functionality, we will get the most out of them. Remember that the models may have very specific shapes and not for all applications. If you have any doubts, Emuca will help you choose.

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