Ideas for making kitchen equipment more useful

Recently, we wrote an article where we discussed the kitchen equipment that should not be missing in your kitchen. This time, however, we will give you some ideas to improve the experience inside this room so that you can surprise your customers. It is about using the accessories and elements we offer to the maximum, so that you can offer your customers a complete kitchen with furniture in its best arrangement and optimisation. For example, an island is useful for adding another workspace in the centre of the kitchen. But do you know how you can further improve its usefulness? Here we will give such ideas.
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Kitchen equipment: sorted and functional storage

Drawers alone are the ideal storage unit in the kitchen, but you don’t have to stop there. Organisers and dividers are the next step in sectioning drawers and sorting items for better distribution. Perfect order does not exist, but with these drawer accessories you will bring your customer closer to it. And they are customisable at any time: if the user needs to change their order or space arrangement, a simple adjustment is all it takes. When it comes to shelving, there are rotating shelves and pull-out trays that make it much easier to search for items deep inside the unit. Your customers will certainly appreciate this.

Castors for central island

If an island is placed in the centre of a kitchen to provide another functional space, it would be more useful if it were mobile. With the castors that we offer at Emuca this is possible since their resistance will support the weight of a piece of furniture of this type. On the other hand, they offer a decorative aesthetic finish to a domestic kitchen without any inconvenience. As it is a mobile island, it allows the kitchen to be redistributed as required. When more space is needed, all you have to do is remove the brakes and move it. Even if it is needed in the dining room, it can be easily moved around, making it an excellent piece of kitchen equipment if you are looking for a modern and dynamic kitchen.

Kitchen equipment: extendable tables

Extendable tables also allow for additional work space when needed or space for numerous diners. These mechanisms provide the opportunity to have a concealed table with a good aesthetic finish, and when required it has the ability to fold out or extend, depending on its type. They can be placed on an island and significantly increase the work area, or converted into a bar for a dinner with friends. It is a very useful and versatile piece of kitchen equipment.

Automatic removal containers

Waste bins come in a wide range of types, some for recycling, others to be built into the worktop, but this one has a very practical function. These are containers that contain a base that is fixed to the furniture, and a mechanism that when the door of the shelf where they are installed is opened, they are automatically extracted and the lid is removed for quick use. This avoids annoying steps such as approaching the container to dispose of waste.

LED strips on drawers and shelves

It is common for storage spaces to be dark at night and require extra light to be able to locate the objects you are looking for correctly. To overcome this situation, LED strips can be installed along the shelves to provide the necessary light. They are quick to install, consume little energy and do not heat up like other luminaires.

Drawers concealed in skirting boards

In the area below the kitchen units, where the plinths should be, specialised drawers can be placed for storing infrequently used items. Occasional tableware, wine bottles, kitchen towels, many objects can be placed in these spaces that are generally underused. With Emuca slides and fittings, it will not be difficult to make these customised drawers.
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Accessories on cabinet doors

If you have cabinets, it is best to take advantage of the doors to also place accessories that allow you to place objects, such as jars, cloths, bottles, among others. At Emuca we have a spice rack that is installed in the door, offering a large amount of usable storage space. Another example is a pot lid organiser that is also installed in the door. It should be noted that each accessory can be used for other objects if required, such as tables or trays in the case of the pot holder.

Kitchen equipment: find it all at Emuca

Every accessory you need in your kitchen to apply the ideas we have given you can be found at Emuca, just visit our product catalogue. We are sure you will be surprised by the wonders we have for your business. Remember that if you have any questions please contact us and stay tuned for new webinars and content that we have for you.

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