Lighting novelties

We offer you the latest in lighting, because having well-lit spaces helps you find what you are looking for and adds a decorative touch. These lighting solutions are designed for your day-to-day life and are the best way to add functionality to your furniture.

Lynx Premium LED Strip Kit

The Lynx Premium LED strip lighting kit is designed to be installed in cabinets or furniture where automatic switching on and off is required thanks to its sensor.

It is available in two models: with DOOR sensor that turns the LED strip on and off when the door is opened or closed, or with SWITCH sensor that turns the LED strip on and off when a hand is passed over it.

Swivel base Giro 4

This swivel base is suitable for weights up to 100kg and allows a smooth and silent 360º rotation, with no limit or stop. It is manufactured with ball bearings made of high strength steel.

It has multiple applications, such as turntable for monitors, swivel stool, rotating or pivoting tables, rotating display stands, etc.

Square switch

This square switch is used to switch the luminaires on and off manually. It is designed for discreet installation in home and office furniture, thanks to its reduced dimensions and its grey, anthracite grey or white finishes. It is designed to be recessed in the surface of the furniture and for its assembly it requires a previous hole of D. 21 mm and 21 mm deep.

Circular cable entry cover Ø80

The circular cable grommet is designed to pass cables under the office desk and keep them organised. It has an outer ring and an inner ring with a retractable cover that can be slid out for use. In addition, its large size allows the passage of the most common plugs such as type F (Shuko) or type G (UK).

Hexa cable entry column

The Hexa cable entry column is designed to keep cables organised under the office desk and prevent them from getting tangled.

In addition, it allows the cables to be concealed inside thanks to its 14 circular vertebrae, which can be left free in an articulated or fixed tubular position.

Vertikal A+C lifting multi connector

The new Vertical Multiconnector has 2 USB A connectors and 1 USB C connector, with fast charging function and an application range of 5V-3A , 9V-2A , 12V- 1.5A for USB A and 5V-3A, 9V-2A, 12V-1,67A for USB C.

Multiconnector Atom 26 A+C

The new Atom multi-connector has 2 Schuko F-type sockets (EU) with a maximum permissible power of up to 3,000W – 13A, 1 HDMI connector, 1 unshielded RJ45 network port, 1 USB A connector and 1 USB C connector (1x3A, 2×1.5A) for fast charging and with an application range of 5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A.

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