Renovating a small bathroom: how to make a big project?

At Emuca we are passionate about transforming spaces within the home, such as reforming a small bathroom.

And the fact is that any corner can become a project of great magnitude, regardless of its size. Refurbishing a small bathroom can be much more complex than tackling larger spaces, due to the extreme care that must be taken to economise the space and not end up overloading it with unnecessary things.

If what we want is to remodel our house, it is possible to turn small bathrooms and toilets into big projects. The places to which we dedicate a certain amount of time during the day are much more significant than we often think. That is why, when we take on the task of transforming a place, we can really turn a necessity into an exciting undertaking with incredible results.

Renovating a small bathroom: how to start?

When it comes to renovating a small bathroom, it is important to consider that they always pose a greater challenge than spaces in which there is more room for furniture or decorations. For this reason, the decision must be carefully considered, and it is necessary to look for options that are really designed for small spaces. Fortunately, nowadays there are many specialised catalogues.

In order to turn small bathrooms and toilets into big projects, first of all we have to look for the recommendations that interior designers have for us and on this basis start making decisions. The recommendations for types of furniture and reorganisation will certainly be useful. Here are the most frequent tips we have been able to collect.

Refurbishing a small bathroom: white is spaciousness

All decorators who have dealt with small spaces recommend it: the colour white visually enlarges the bathroom and, moreover, gives it an image of cleanliness.

It is recommended that white is applied to the ceiling and walls, so that it unifies the space to give it continuity, creating a visually amplifying effect. In addition to enlarging your bathroom, it will give it an atmosphere of peace and quiet. When it comes to reforming a small bathroom, do not doubt that this is the way to go.

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Small bathroom renovation: how about classic minimalism?

Turning small bathrooms and toilets into big projects does not necessarily mean overloading them with decoration. Often, the best results are achieved with low-contrast furniture, which blends in with the room and makes you forget its presence.

They should be able to contain the bathroom elements, but it is advisable to look for furniture designed to save space. In that sense, minimalist options will do the trick.

Putting the accent where it belongs

A very useful tip for not settling for a plain white space is to know how to put the detail where it belongs. Since you have chosen white to expand, it is a good idea to implement contrasting elements in the floor tiles, using a strong colour or in the bathroom curtains. A small plant can add much more than ostentatious decorations.

Reflections that add style

Mirrors are essential, not only because their optical illusion can visually enlarge, but also because if they are well lit they can be equivalent to a decoration, as they will attract attention.

When you are going to renovate a small bathroom, think about all the elements you can use to turn the space into something unique and personal.

More is sometimes better

It seems that this premise contradicts everything we have been telling you in the article, but that is because we are talking about the functions that furniture can have.

Choosing furniture that fulfils more than one function as a priority is very useful. The piece of furniture that contains the washbasin is very necessary. But, if it also serves for storage, so much the better!

Small bathroom renovation: sliding doors

These will be your best allies and this also applies to drawer units with horizontally opening compartments. When we think about turning small bathrooms and toilets into big projects, it is very important what kind of special needs need to be covered and how to cover them all with equal dedication. If you are going to renovate a small bathroom, sliding doors are essential.

The shower is the door to an imaginary space

Here is one of our last tips: if you have chosen glass doors for your shower, using deep coloured tiles in your shower will generate an optical illusion that will result in a much larger space, giving the impression that there is still a remainder of the bathroom behind the shower doors.


Renovating a small bathroom: conclusions

Now that you know some of the basic tips for renovating a small bathroom, consider this: any time spent in a space in your home, even a small one, is an opportunity to be creative and pamper yourself at the same time. Every time you renovate the places in your home, you are giving yourself the chance to be even happier there.

Don’t be content to exist within these spaces: make each one of them a place where you are happy to be. At Emuca we invite you to take on projects of this type, not only is it a lot of fun, it’s not difficult either, you just need to rethink the space to find its potential and exploit it to the maximum. What are you waiting for? It’s time to undertake a big project on a small scale!

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