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We want to clear up the main technical doubts that may arise regarding the assembly of our products and the necessary steps required to assemble them.

Kitchen accessories

The RAL code of the white finish of the profiles system Gola-e is approximately 9003. 

The RAL code of the anthracite grey finish of the the profiles system Gola-e is approximately 7043.

In order to install the Gola-e profiles on a unit it is recommended to have gap measurements for being able to open the drawer or the door. These measurements are for guidance purposes and may vary depending on the overlaps.

For an upper Gola-e profile it is recommended to have a 37 mm gap, and for a central Gola-e profile a 40 mm gap is recommended. The image shows a vertical view of the side of the unit.

What size of gap is it recommended to leave in order to be able to open a drawer or a door on a unit with a Gola-e profile?

In order to install a Gola-e horizontal profile system in aluminium, it is necessary to use type A or B joining supports. These supports do not have handles and they make it easy to anchor or move the horizontal profiles simply and comfortably. Their pressure mounting or direct screwing requires machining of Ø10 mm in the side of the furniture.

The difference between them is the distance between the edge of the machining to the centre of the drill hole. For the A support, it is 15 mm and for B it is 19.7 mm, both are valid for fastening the upper profile as well as the central profile.

Depending on the distance of the machining that you want. you can choose one support or the other.

Which support should I choose, A or B, in order to install a Gola-e system?

The Gola-e system joining accessories are created using plastic (grey or white finish), and also, the accessories that are positioned on corners or corner edges require the profile to have a mitre joint.

On the contrary, the straight cut accessories are created from matt silver anodized aluminium, and also, with all of them the profile only needs a straight cut, therefore preparation is easier.

What differences are there between the joining accessories of the Gola-e system and the straight cut joining accessories?

Household appliances that can be integrated are completely compatible with the Gola-e profile system (with or without bumper). Thanks to that compatibility, household appliances remain hidden, thus adding a sense of continuity to kitchen furniture.

In order to facilitate the work of manufacturers and assemblers, it is only necessary to bear in mind that the sum of the height along with the base, needs to be greater than the height of the household appliance along with the upper Gola-e profile that is used. Also, the attached document shows details with practical examples.

How can I assemble household appliances that can be integrated along with the Gola-E profile system in low units in my kitchen?



The following video shows how you can easily assemble the Gola-e profile for ovens.

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