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We want to clear up the main technical doubts that may arise regarding the assembly of our products and the necessary steps required to assemble them.

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The following video shows how you can easily assemble the abovementioned storage system in a kitchen.

The choice of a system for Agile One lifting doors depends on the height and the weight of the furniture door. To do so, you simply need to follow these simple steps:

1. Check the height and weight of the furniture door.
2. Once you have obtained the values you need to calculate the strength of the spring, S = H * (W + 2 * Wh), in terms of:
H = Height of the door in mm.
W = Weight of the door in kg.
Wh = Weight of the handle in kg.
You can choose the lifting system according to what interval the strength of spring S falls under.
The MEDIUM interval is between 500 and 1,500, HIGH between 960 and 2,350.

For example, we have a door with a height of 400 mm and a weight of 5 kg, with a handle that weighs 0.22 kg.
The strength of the spring would be S = 200 * (5 + 2 * 0.22) = 1,088.
Therefore, we would choose the HIGH strength range because it is in the interval of 960 and 2,350.