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We want to clear up the main technical doubts that may arise regarding the assembly of our products and the necessary steps required to assemble them.

Latest questions:

The following video shows how you can easily install the WiFi module with the LED light controller.

To know the size of a television set you need to take into account the measurements in inches. This table shows you the main equivalents:

What is the size of a television set in inches?

You need to take into account the television set's measurements in inches.
For example, if you want to put a 46" television on the unit, this is 102x57.5 cm in size.
We will place the television on the centre of the stand, so for a television set 102 cm wide we will need around 110 cm.
For the height, we will centre it on the brackets where it is attached, so between the stand and the television, the unit will be almost 800 mm high.
Therefore, we would have an 1100x800 mm unit approx.

On what size unit can I install the Lift Vision television stand?

The spacer is intended for assembling a drawer inside a unit with a hinged door. It can also be used in cabinet interiors with a sliding door with loss of opening.

This 25 mm thick spacer is compatible with the following interior drawers: Vertex, Concept and Vantage.

Yes, for the assembly of the rectangular under sink insert it is necessary to make a 90º angle straight machining cut, although it is recommended to make a machining cut with a radius of 20 mm.

Yes, the spacers that are user for assembling kitchen Vertex, Concept and Vantage drawers are the same as hinges on unit doors (hinged doors).

In order to assemble a kitchen drawer with hinges on the unit doors (hinged doors) it is necessary to use hinges with an opening angle of 165ª or to use spacers, doing so means there will be enough space to pull out the drawer.