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Hand Cod. Finishing
Right 100 8918605 Zinc plated
Zinc plated
Code: 05
Zinc plated
Material Steel
Left 100 8918705 Zinc plated
Zinc plated
Code: 05
Zinc plated
Material Steel
  • For kitchen cabinets between 600 and 1000mm in height and 300 to 350 mm depth.
  • It has 3 way adjustment: lateral 16mm, height 18mm and depth up to 25mm
  • Load capacity 65kg each, according to DIN-68840 certified by LGA. (Equal a load of 260kg per set in a cabinet of 700mm heigh x 350mm depth.
  • This new item fixes to the side panel and is independent from the top panel.
  • For a fast fixing it features a fixing lever is moved through 1800 , once this is operated the fitting is fixed.

  • Use screwdriver Philips nº 2 Ø6 or Pozidrive nº 2 Ø6

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Cod. Finishing
200 8918803 Natural Steel lupa
Natural Steel
Code: 03
Natural Steel
Material Steel
Cod. Finishing
1.000 8918907 Nickel plated lupa
Nickel plated
Code: 07
Nickel plated
Material Zamak

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