Wardrobe accessories from Emuca that make your life easier

Emuca’s wardrobe accessories help to maintain order.

Achieving this within a wardrobe is not always the easiest thing to do, but it is key. Because of this, there are various accessories that make life easier when it comes to organisation, style and operability.

It is normal that people don’t want a place where they can only store their clothes and objects in an impractical way. You have to look for a specific item of clothing and of course, it can be time-consuming and inconvenient to disorganise everything.

That’s why a wardrobe should have a simplified design with functional elements that allow quick access to your items, saving time and also with a sleek and elegant style.

To achieve this, there are accessories that are installed in wardrobes to provide better ways of organising the objects inside it. From hangers, coat racks, drawers, shoe racks and many more. Emuca offers you an unequalled variety and quality.

Wardrobe accessories from Emuca: distributing your clothes

Clothes and various garments come in a wide variety of sizes and formats, so it is not enough just to have drawers and spaces to hang them in like conventional wardrobes. On the other hand, there are accessories for Emuca wardrobes that allow a better distribution of the clothes.

Folding hangers

The folding hangers are an excellent example of this, they are used to hang clothes like a wardrobe tube, but with the particularity that they can be unfolded frontally to make clothes more conveniently available. In this way, they take advantage of the highest areas of the wardrobe where without this accessory it would be impractical to put clothes in and take them out.

They have a central support that, when the hanger is folded down, rests on the floor or on any part of the wardrobe you want. You can even adjust it so that its range of movement is adaptable to your needs and tastes.

Emuca wardrobe accessories: well managed trousers, ties and belts

On the other hand, there are also trouser racks, tie racks and belt holders, pieces that allow you to classify these objects, giving them a better aesthetic appearance and reducing search times.

Moreover, in the case of trousers and ties, which are garments that tend to crease, you can be sure that with these wardrobe accessories this will not happen. It is worth mentioning that there are removable and fixed models.

The removable ones are more convenient because you will have a wider range of vision and more manoeuvring power to find the items outside the wardrobe.

The removable side tie rack will allow you to hang your ties and belts very comfortably, it will no longer be necessary to fold them or roll up your belts. With this accessory, each object will have its own separate place and you will be able to guide them comfortably.

Laundry baskets

Dirty clothes sometimes tend to be a group of items that are difficult to find room for in a wardrobe. For this reason, an elegant looking accessory has been designed where it can be stored.

This accessory can be hung on wooden profiles to get off the floor and take advantage of this space. In addition, it has a cover that completely hides the clothes and offers a clean and uncluttered view.

Removable and lateral shoe racks

Shoe racks are also an excellent accessory to improve wardrobe organisation. If they are of the lateral type, they do not need to be inserted into a drawer, they are fixed independently and offer plenty of space to keep shoes tidy without worrying about them.

On the other hand, there are shoe drawers which, although they tend to offer less space than the previous models, are hidden inside a drawer to offer a more discreet style.

They are available in many models, both in metal grille and plastic, and with numerous aesthetic finishes, so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

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Accessories for wardrobes that organise objects in drawers

Personal accessories and small items without proper drawer partitioning will get mixed up every time you open the drawer or look for something. To counteract this and maintain order, there are auxiliary trays and drawers.

These allow you to separate and categorise objects placed in cabinet drawers, with an elegant aesthetic design and high functional value.

Mirrors and coat racks

Coat hangers are traditional tubes or hooks for hanging clothes, with the difference that Emuca offers them with resistant supports and unequalled and long-lasting aesthetic finishes. Your wardrobe will never be the same after installing them.

As a last accessory we have nothing less than extractable mirrors, so that inside your wardrobe you can place a mirror discreetly and hidden, and when you need it, you only need to pull it out to have it at your disposal.

Design an ideal wardrobe with Emuca!

As you can see, Emuca offers you a large catalogue of accessories for wardrobes designed to design one with a first class aesthetic finish and dream functionality. It is only up to you to choose the models that best suit your style and decoration to develop a spectacular project.

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