Trendy cabinet handles for 2021

Finding cabinet pulls that are trending in 2021 can be a tricky task.

However, achieving this in a simple and economical way is possible with Emuca. And the fact is that small details can make a difference and transform a space completely.

As in all aspects of design, trends set the tone when choosing new cabinet pulls. The idea is to give it a modern and unique touch, but not lose its relevance over time, isn’t it?

We know that this decision can be overwhelming because of all the models that exist, the different materials and prices. To make your task easier, here we explain which cabinet handles are trending for this 2021. If you want to discover them, keep reading!

Trendy cabinet handles for 2021

In recent years, manufacturers have launched novel handle-free opening systems such as push and pull on the market. Because of this, for a while it was thought that handles and knobs were destined to disappear…. but, however, the cabinet handles that are trending in 2021 are much more than a decorative element.

Thus, we can assure you that handles are basic elements in the design of any type of furniture, especially cabinets. In addition, they are an important piece to define the style of a home. Let’s see which ones are trending this 2021:

Cabinet handles with an industrial look

If what you want is to give an industrial air to the room where the cabinet is located, the shell handles are the ideal choice. The black ones started being the most demanded model and, however, nowadays the ones with a steel finish are the most purchased since they fit in many environments and styles.

Thus, the cabinet handles that are trending in 2021 integrate quite striking decorative elements, so if you are looking for a more discreet option these are not for you.

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Bar cabinet handles

If you like a classic style, but at the same time modern and elegant, the bar cabinet handles are perfect to combine with different furniture and decorations.

Thanks to their cylindrical and elongated structure, they have features such as comfort and strength, ideal for cabinets that will have a lot of use, since they will remain in perfect condition despite the passage of time.

Those with a steel finish go well with modern cabinets, in white or light colors. Similarly, nickel-plated cabinet handles are suitable for more chic or urban designs, with wooden furniture and dark colors. 

With decorations and porcelain pieces

If what suits you best is a vintage style you can opt for handles with decorations or porcelain pieces. This will give the furniture where you place them an antique air, just as our grandmothers used them.

They go very well with cabinets in light or lacquered colors, also in blue or pastel green tones, giving the illusion of antique furniture but with a lot of style.

How to choose a cabinet handle? Cabinet handles that are trending in 2021

We’ve already talked about the style of handle that goes best with your cabinet depending on the design you’re looking for. However, these come in different shapes and models, here we will give you a small review for each one, and which are also among the cabinet handles that are trending in 2021.

Small handles

Just because a handle is small doesn’t mean it’s less eye-catching. There are L-shaped handles that give a symmetrical look and are ideal for two-door cabinets.

Horizontals for drawers

For cabinet drawers the most comfortable handles are horizontal rods since the natural tendency of the hand is to grasp it with the palm facing downward.

Vertical and long

In this respect, small or standard-sized handles are completely abandoned in favor of long, graceful lines.

Vertical and short

Much smaller than the previous ones, but still providing a lot of presence and style to the decoration. To make them much more striking, you can play with the combination of different materials.


The cabinet handles that are trending in 2021 are an element that cannot be underestimated when thinking about decoration. Despite being small, they certainly do not go unnoticed, being able to be the ideal touch that was missing to make the space a cozy place.

In our digital catalog you will surely find the handle you are looking for, don’t forget to take a look! In Emuca we have the cabinet handles that are trendy.

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