Integrating recycling at home: recycling bins for kitchens


Recycling is now accepted by almost all of society thanks to the increased social awareness and, of course, to the recycling campaigns that have borne fruit. Despite this, there are still many people who do not recycle but, rather than a lack of interest or solidarity, it is a question of ignorance or even, they say, a lack of space.

This, in reality, is completely untrue if the professional who designs the spaces invests time and effort in finding room for all the indispensable elements in a kitchen, including the recycling containers.

At Emuca, we are committed to sustainability, ecology and recycling and, for this reason, we wanted to create this post so that you know how to help your clients to recycle.

LetÔÇÖs go!

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Recycling: a must in any home

The first major premise for any professional is that, when designing and planning a kitchen, we have to make room for recycling bins.

The world, in general, is getting up to speed in this regard and even generating new regulations that will eventually force all citizens to carry out recycling in their homes.

So, as a professional, you should integrate them into your projects in a way that is convenient, practical and easy to distinguish.

A good way to organise household recycling is to sort it by colour, and remember that they should be separated as follows:

  • Organic waste (brown bin)
  • Plastic packaging, tetra briks and cans (yellow bin)
  • Glass packaging (green bin)
  • Paper and cardboard (blue bin)
  • Non-organic and non-toxic waste (grey bin).


Types of recycling bins you can offer to your customers

There are different types of kitchen waste bins that you can offer to your customers. Depending on the space available, they may prefer it to be fixed, automatic, removable, lateral or not, bigger, smaller, with a single compartment or with several…

At Emuca, we offer a wide variety of products that provide the quality, practicality and comfort you need. Check our website and select those that best suit the needs of your projects.

Some of them are:

  • Recycle containers for drawers

With different heights and capacities. For example, 216 mm or 266 mm, and 12 or 15 litres. They are integrated into drawers to help keep things tidy.

  • Recycle containers for doors

Fitted to the door, with automatic lid opening and a capacity of 15 litres. As the name suggests, they are fixed to doors, so they are only visible when the door is opened.

  • Recycle bins with bottom fixing and manual removal

With different sizes and capacities, 20, 16 or 15 litres and even double.

  • Recycle bins with bottom fixing and automatic removal

Single, double and with different recycling capacities. They are installed inside the cabinet, at the bottom, and are automatically extracted so that the waste can be disposed of in the corresponding containers.


How are these recycling bins integrated into a kitchen cabinet?

Integrating recycling bins into kitchen cabinets is not difficult if you have the necessary fittings to do it correctly without damaging the furniture or the bins themselves.

At Emuca, you can find the fittings and mechanisms necessary for each type of installation, as well as the instructions to be able to integrate them without causing damage. Maintaining the aesthetics and general design of the kitchen, while including the bins for recycling, is something that your customers will value very positively.


So, there you have it! Integrate recycling bins in all your kitchen projects and help to encourage the care and protection of the environment to continue to grow and take its place in our society.

Your customers will be very satisfied with the solutions you offer them.

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