Techniques and tips to keep your aluminium fittings in perfect condition

Aluminium fittings are one of the most widely used options today for all types of doors and furniture. The high quality and resistance of this material is the main reason for its success.

Despite this, it is important to emphasize to the clients the need for suitable maintenance on these pieces, so that they are always in perfect conditions.

Benefits of using aluminium fittings

Installing this type of fittings offers numerous advantages, both to the installer and to the end customer. Among them, the following stand out:

  • Aluminium has an elegant look, which makes it the perfect complement for the decoration of various types of furniture and rooms. Also, its perfect finish is maintained over time.
  • Their design is so precise that they are very functional. In addition, they are the perfect reinforcement for any structure.
  • They are manufactured in various sizes and shapes, so they fit any furniture
  • Aluminium is a rust resistant material. Therefore, these fittings have an exceptionally long useful life
  • They offer excellent value for money.
  • They are lightweight, so they support the proper functioning of any door.

The combination of all these factors makes aluminium fittings the preferred choice in professional furniture installation.

Why do they need maintenance? 

Maintenance of aluminium fittings is essential to achieve good performance and durability in the structure over the years.

The truth is that aluminium is one of the most resilient materials. In fact, it does not rust or deteriorate easily. This makes most people think that it is not necessary to maintain this type of fittings.

Actually, applying some basic cleaning and maintenance tips to these parts is the best way to ensure that no damage occurs during their long useful life. Therefore, it also helps to keep the furniture in perfect condition despite the passage of time.


Infallible techniques for keeping aluminium fittings in perfect condition

The maintenance of aluminium fittings depends largely on the weather conditions to which they are exposed. If neither rain nor wind affects them, acting twice a year will be more than enough. On the other hand, if you live in areas with a great deal of humidity or exposed to a high level of pollution, it is advisable to do maintenance approximately every two months.

Essentially, aluminium fittings need to be cleaned with a cloth, which removes accumulated dust, dirt, and grease. Of course, no abrasive products should be used, as they can damage them.

It is also important to note that most modern hinges do not require the lubrication that was applied to these fittings a few years ago. If they do not work properly, the best option is to dismantle them and clean them correctly as lubricants will only add dirt, especially those made with oily ingredients.

Finally, it is recommended to inspect the fittings, especially the locking mechanisms, at least once a year. The passage of time may cause small misalignments, such as loose screws or small blade displacements, which are easily rectified.

Although these parts are very resistant and of high quality, checking the condition of the aluminium fittings installed in the furniture is a prerequisite to ensure that the passage of time has not caused them any small damage. This way, we will have the maximum guarantee of their functionality in the furniture where they are installed in the long term.

At Emuca we are specialists in furniture fittings and we want to offer you the best solutions and advice for your business. Do not hesitate to contact us and visit our website for more information.

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