7 ideas to install handles and multiply the potential of your home

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Even though COVID restrictions have been easing, the pandemic made us feel more comfortable indoors. Thus, many people have decided to give them a new look, either by doing major renovations or by changing one or another small detail to give it a slightly more subtle change of look, such as the handles.  At Emuca, an element that seems very important to us and that nevertheless goes unnoticed by many people are the handles and knobs. These are key design accessories that can certainly make a difference.  For this reason, we have written the following article, where we will give you some ideas to install them in your home and multiply their potential. Go for it! 
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Types of handles 

First of all you should know that there is more than one type of handle, even becoming a somewhat overwhelming task to choose the one indicated in each case. Just visit our website and take a look at our digital catalog to see how many models, styles and colors there are.  In order to help you make the choice easier, we explain below the types that there are, grouping them into two large groups: 
  • Hidden handles: they are one of the most popular today, especially in kitchens. By saying that they are hidden, we mean that they are integrated into the furniture, these can be fingernail, pushup and gola handles. If you want to redesign the space to a minimalist style, these are the ideal ones for you. 
  • Knobs seen: those of a lifetime, these are classified into handle pulls and knob pulls, in these two categories you can find models of all designs and colors. 

7 ideas to install handles in your home 

Before choosing what type of handles you want, it is necessary to define how you are going to install them in your closet, kitchen or drawer and what will be the final aesthetic you want your home to have. Believe it or not there are different ways to do it, that’s why we have 7 ideas for you that will surely be very useful to you. 

1.    Handles and knobs, each in its place 

Although it is not a mandatory rule, normally handles are placed on the drawers and the knobs on the cabinet doors.  Currently, drawers are made wider than usual, in these cases using two small handles instead of one will be visually more attractive. 

2.    Put kitchen and cupboard handles where they are most comfortable 

In doors that go lower than the height of your hips, the ideal is to place the kitchen handles on top of them for your comfort. In addition, if the doors are higher than the height of your head, the ideal thing is that the handles are located at the bottom. 

3.    Homogeneity as a priority 

If you are looking for a minimalist and elegant style, opting for homogeneity should be a priority, so choosing handles of the same model is the best option. Our advice is that for the kitchen you choose handle kitchen handles and for the rest of the furniture in the house choose knobs. 

4.    Combine the types of handles 

You can combine different models of handles that go well together, for example use hidden for cabinets and cabinets that go on the countertop and horizontal in the furniture below. 
tiradores emuca

5.    Less is more 

Again, if you want a minimalist look, the fewer handles you have in sight, the better, but not for this you have to do without them, much less if this affects the functionality of the furniture.  For this you can place only one knob per drawer, together with high quality and resistant fittings such as those from Emuca, opening it will not be a problem. 

6.    According to the drawer model 

If it is a question of handles for narrow drawers, it is best that these are located in the center of the same, in case of being deeper drawers, the ideal is that the handles for drawers go at the top to have much more comfort when opening it . 

7.  Align the handles with the trim 

If the doors of the furniture in your kitchen or living room have doors with moldings, they must be aligned with them, if they do not have them, they must go closer to the edge. 

In the end it all depends on your tastes 

Remember, in the end the choice depends on you, your tastes and the appearance you want the furniture to have. In terms of decoration, very little can go wrong! We give you our ideas and recommendations, you can reinvent yourself as you see fit.  As you can see, the handles are not elements that should be chosen lightly, that is why we invite you to see our digital catalog. You are sure to find an option that suits your space perfectly. 

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