Sliding system for FLOW cabinets

Flow emuca superficie

Do you know our Flow sliding system for wardrobes?

The Flow sliding system is designed for the installation of cabinets with supported doors and for doors weighing up to 50 kg.

The trolleys are made of steel and plastic with ball bearing wheels which make the system slide smoothly, only a slight machining is needed on the doors, in the same way these trolleys have an adjustment lock which is operated by a simple turn of a screw in addition to having a height adjustment of 4 mm.

In addition, you can choose between two types of locking for your doors, either a stop-brake solution or a soft closing system. The latter is available in two load options 30 kg and 50 kg. Both locking options are concealed within the same track.

Download the Flow accessories guide you need for the installation of your enclosure.

Flow sliding system, you can choose between two different types of installation.

Flow system is a flush-mounted surface.

We offer you different rails and finishes so that you can choose the option that best suits your furniture needs.

We have at your disposal the Flow surface rails, these rails are very easy and quick to install on the furniture as you only have to screw some clips to fix them on the top and bottom. The rails will be slightly visible on the furniture.

Flow surface mounting.

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The second option we present you already know, is to use the Flow rail to embed. We will use the same rail in the upper and lower part of the cabinet, which is hidden in the furniture.

For its assembly we only need to carry out the same machining on the upper and lower part as we use the same rail in the furniture for this system and then it will only have to be fitted.

Flow Assembly.

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Flow sliding systems in kit format

You can find our Flow systems in kit format to make two-door wardrobes, all you need are the panels. In addition, the kit includes two soft closing devices for each door, providing a soft opening and closing system designed for doors weighing up to 30 kg.

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