Lighting is key to giving value to your rooms

Iluminación LED Emuca

Whether working or relaxing, you should choose the optimal lighting for each space.

That’s why we want to introduce you to the latest LED controllers and the wide range of LED strips, so you can choose the one that best fits your mounting and installation needs. 

Now you can control your light remotely! You can do this with a control or with your smartphone via an app.

LED light controllers

We have introduced a LED controller for Lynx LED strips: CCT, RGB, and MONOCHROME. It can also be used as a regulator and on/off control for 12/24V DC luminaires, since it has a wide range of admissible voltage from 12 to 36V DC

The remote controls allow the creation of different scenes and the configuration of different zones since several controllers can be linked to a single remote control, making possible to manage up to 4 controllers independently or at the same time, with a single remote control.

To use the controller, we have added 3 easy-to-use remote controls: for the Lynx LED strips with variable colour temperature, for RGB LED strip with variable colour temperature and finally for Lynx monochrome LED strips or other LED luminaires.

We complete these items with a WiFi module that can be used with the controller to control the different rooms or illuminated areas through the SkySmart APP, available for IOS and Android. This WiFi module can be configured in two ways: directly without the need of an Internet or Router connection, or by connecting it to your home’s WiFi network

Both the LED controller and the WiFi module and remote controls are sold separately. Each controller can be linked to one or more remote controls and one controller can be linked to a WiFi module

What type of LED strip can I choose?
We have a wide range of LED strips in our catalogue, which are shown below. You’ll get a better look by illuminating the interior or exterior of your furniture and in your work or home areas.

Choose your Neonlynx in natural or warm

The flexible Neonlynx LED strip is available for you for straight or curved shapes: open your imagination and make your designs a reality. 

With this strip, you will get a very clean look and pleasant lighting. This will enhance your furniture or room areas. 

You can use it in conjunction with the LED controller and monochrome remote or with the WiFi module. Choose your Neonlynx in a colour temperature of natural or warm white. 

It stands out for being a very efficient light that operates at 24V DC and has an IP65 protection rating, suitable for installation in damp locations.

Lynx Premium 24V DC strips

The Lynx Premium 24V DC strips are distinguished by their high performance and efficiency, they are suitable for installations requiring longer than usual strips, given they have a lower power fall.

It should be noted that we have 4 LED strips with two powers and two colour temperatures, cool white and natural white.

Lynx Premium/Basic 12V DC strips

Use Lynx 12V DC strips to illuminate furniture or wardrobe interiors. They are divided into two ranges: 

The Lynx Premium range is designed for use with a high level of demand and stands out for its great features. It is available in four different powers, with three different colour temperatures depending on the model, cool white, natural white and warm white. We are also adding the LED strip with a variable colour temperature and the RGB LED strip.


The Lynx Basic LED strip range always maintains a good level of performance with our Emuca guarantee. It is available in two different powers with two different colour temperatures, cool white and warm white.

Take a look at our Lynx and Neonlynx LED strip catalogue with all the codes and technical information, so you can choose the most suitable strips for your installation.

Where can they be installed?
There are endless ideas on where you can install the LED strips. Here are some of them, in homes, bathrooms, bedrooms, commercial facilities...

Iluminación Hogar
Iluminación hogar
Iluminación oficina
Iluminación en baño
Iluminación en baño

Bring your furniture to life!

Images sourced from Pinterest: Studio LESH, Futuroom, Studio DE&DE, Stephen-Tsymbalyuk and jennywhite.rahatotel.

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