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Iluminación LED

Add value to your furniture with the new stylized profiles and diffusers family, the new Lynx LED strip profiles and accessories range with minimalist design to have recessed or surface luminaries with less visual impact.

You can create your own LED lighting project, we describe all the accessories below.

Lynx W

Lynx profiles and W diffusers

New Lynx W recessed and surface profiles, their main feature is their small size that allows them to integrate perfectly in any type of furniture. We also present them in two finishes, matt silver and black.

Covers with the same finishing are included to create these luminaries.

Lynx W in black finish, latest trend in cabinet interiors.

Lynx W in matt silver finish, an old-time classic.

New Lynx S cables, we added two new connecting cables for the 12V DC and 24V DC Lynx LED strips. You can use them together with the narrow Lynx W profiles for which they are designed.

An S connector is added to join the LED strips with a transparent finish to minimize the reduction in the LEDs light output. Thanks to the multifunctional connection system design of the LED strip, the cables and the LED strip are crimped to ensure a strong and secure connection.

Due to the small dimensions of the cables they are compatible with all the profiles. In our catalogue, you will also find a wide range of connectors for your installations.

We added two new small size Lynx S sensors to be used together with the Lynx S profiles, a Touch Dimmer sensor and a Motion sensor, both can be used to mount the 12V DC and 24V DC LED strips. They have the same LED strip quick connector incorporated which allows, as previously mentioned, a quick, easy and secure connection.

 30W converter (24V DC), we added a new 30W constant voltage LED converter with a Miniled distributor.

Now you can select the right one for your installation. You can find in our catalogue 15 W – 30 W – 50 W – 100 W.

Discover in detail from our colleague Juan Gutierrez, how to easily mount LED luminaries without tools. You will see how easy it is to use these products in your furniture.

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