Be inspired with our selection of fittings for kitchen furniture

Titane accessories to mount in your kitchen walls

Create your own storage solution with the Titane accessories to mount in your kitchen wall. Now you will have all your tools at hand’s reach and more room in the kitchen counter to work around the kitchen as if you were in a big restaurant. Its elegant design in anthracite grey and its flat steel structure are the latest trends in kitchen design, which you will easily combine with the Titane family of our catalogue.

Characterised by being suspended from an aluminium profile fitted to the wall with hidden supports. The different accessories hang from the back side of the profile obtaining a clean look since they are fully integrated with the hooks being out of sight. In addition, the height of the supports may be adjusted in 5 mm so the profile is completely horizontal.

We have different accessories such as shelves for tools, species jars and hanging hooks. You may also find practical roll holders for kitchen paper towels, cling film and aluminium foil. Chromed cube cutlery holders stand out, as well as knife holders with the interior made of plastic fibre which adapts to the size of the knives.

Moreover, tablet stands are very handy to follow recipes in an easy and safe manner in the kitchen. This accessory is designed to place the tablet vertically and horizontally and it has an anti-sliding cushioned base to prevent the tablet from moving and being damaged.

X91 hinges with titanium finish

The main trend in furniture design is a shift towards darker colours. This is why we are adding the new range of X91 hinges with titanium finish.

The contrast of dark wood and the titanium finish gives furniture units a more sophisticated look. Our X91 hinges also offer the best technical characteristics with smooth door closing, clip assembly and depth regulation through eccentric screws.

These hinges and supplements include screws of Ø4×16 mm with the same finish. To ensure full integration in the unit we provide decorative plates and screws, both for the arm and the socket, all with the same titanium finish.

Recycle containers with bottom fastening and manual removal

Make your kitchen more functional with the Recycle containers, the perfect solution to take advantage of the space inside your units and make waste storage easier.

These containers are attached to the underside of the unit and are removed by hand. They have bearing guides for full extraction with smooth action and the screws required for installation.

They combine perfectly in any kitchen with their contemporary square design and anthracite shade. They also enable you to separate your waste according to the storage capacity:

1 box with 20-litre capacity

intended for installation in units 300 mm wide and 450 mm deep, which also includes an auxiliary section for storing the bags and other items.

2 boxes with 20-litre capacity

for units 400 mm wide and 500 mm deep, which also include a separator to divide one box into two 10-litre boxes.

2 boxes with 15-litre capacity

for units 400 mm wide and 500 mm deep, which can be installed in units with reduced height.

Agile Flap

Discover the new Agile Flap system for lifting and folding doors. They come in three different versions, to choose the most suitable depending on the weight and height of the door.

Agile Flap is a mechanism that allows opening two doors in a folding manner moving them upwards, leaving good access to the furniture. Its greatest advantage is that it allows the user to adjust the resistance of the mechanism so that the weight can be balanced adequately. It also allows the door position to be adjusted by ±2 mm in three dimensions (height, width and depth). The speed of the soft closing can also be modified.

The lifting set is supplied with all the necessary parts for its installation: hinges, hooks and screws. It also includes the embellishing covers available in anthracite grey. It should be noted that no tools are needed to remove the door thanks to its easy-clipping system.

Supra Kitchen accessories

Discover the new Supra accessories to organise your kitchenware and have your glasses, cups, bottles and other tools always handy.

Its chromed steel wire adapts to any kitchen style and combines well with other Supra accessories of our catalogue.

They are distinguished by their easy screw-in installation to the furniture. Different accessories are added depending on the available space such as glass holders of one or five lines, a cup holder with useful hooks to hang and organise cups, a bottle holder to store up to 6 bottles and a multipurpose 5-hook holder which can be fixed to the side or top part of the furniture.

Assemble an Supra column with pull-out baskets in a hinged kitchen unit, a great storage solution for your pantry cabinets.

More news:

We incorporated to our catalogue the Optima cutlery holders in a universal size in grey in individual boxes. specially designed for customers with reduced consumption.. They are available for 400, 450, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 and 1,000 mm modules.

The universal grey cutlery holders in the current package of 10 or 20 units can only be delivered in multiple numbers of their packaging, for other quantities, the new individual packaging should be ordered.

We added stainless steel dish racks to our catalogue now in individual boxes, specially designed for customers with reduced consumption. They are available for 450, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 and 1,000 mm modules.

With the incorporation of these dish racks, the 1,000 mm model in a 5 unit packaging will no longer be available, with only the individual packaging available. In addition, the remaining models that come in 10-unit packs will only be delivered in multiple numbers of this quantity for other quantities, order the new individual package.

We are adding individually packed sink protectors to our catalogue, available for modules measuring 600, 800, 900 and 1000 mm.

Our current sink protectors in packs of 20 units can only be sold by the pack, for other amounts you must order the individual packs.

We complete the 120 mm height Plasline skirt range with a white finish consisting of a sheet of lacquered aluminium, with a flexible joint angle piece.

With this addition we now have the 100, 120 and 150 mm height sizes, available in white lacquered finish, both in Plasline skirts and the flexible joint accessory.

We have skirts and borders in kit format, with four new models in satin anodised finish, which also include the accessories for their installation.

The skirts kit consists of two 2.35 m skirting boards, two joints to make 90º angles and two flexible sections for more versatility. The kit is available for a skirt height of 100 and 150 mm in the Plasline model.

The borders kit consists of two 2.35 m borders and two joint accessories parts, available for the triangular Plasline and rectangular Mixline models.

We expand the family of supplements for X95 hinges with a new height of 2mm in models for screws and Euro screws. These supplements are compatible with our spacers and wedges.

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