Door accessories: innovative proposals in the time of Covid19


The Covid19 pandemic has altered the way we live in just a few months. Measures to prevent contagion have become part of everyday life, and at Emuca we could not turn our backs on this new reality.

We are aware that making small changes in our routine can help save lives. That is why our professionals work to offer door accessories designed to improve security against the virus in public spaces.

Innovative solutions: the latest in fittings against Covid19

Avoiding contact with door handles is one of the factors we all should consider when reducing the risk of coronavirus infection. To this end, it is necessary to design innovative solutions that represent a functional and, at the same time, the safest possible alternative to this type of fittings. Introducing our door accessories against Covid19.

Adapters for opening doors: no need to use your hands

Door handles are one of the most germ-intensive items in the home, especially in public spaces where many people move around, such as hospitals or nursing homes. No matter how extreme the hygiene is, the possibilities of contagion exist if we use our hands to open them, since it is very easy to unconsciously touch our faces with them afterwards.

One of Emuca‘s objectives to help stop the spread of Covid19 was to achieve systems that allow us to open the doors without using our hands, and in the most comfortable way possible. In addition, they must be solutions easy to install, so that everyone can use them.

To achieve this challenge, we are presenting our door accessories. This is a system that allows for opening the door with the foot, and can be placed without problems on wooden doors with a thickness between 35 and 45 mm. In addition, it is made of steel, which guarantees its durability.

These door accessories are marketed in a set that includes 4 male and 4 female screws to be placed in the lower part of the door, which are the only necessary elements. Therefore, it is very easy to install. It also has a signalling sticker to make the opening device visible to new users. Therefore, it is a quick and effective option when it comes to having a hands-free system to reduce the chances of contagion.

Different door handles to prevent contagion

And what can we do if we want to keep using the door handles, but without touching them with our hands? We also have an option to ensure that the door can be opened, with proper virus prevention.

These are adapters for opening the door using only the forearm. In order to be able to open it with the forearm instead of using our hands, very resistant and light plastic accessories are installed on the handles, which do not represent any obstacle to the normal functioning of the door fittings that we usually have.

These door fittings work on both round and square door handles. Their ease of use makes them suitable even for the elderly.

The easy installation of this hands-free opening system is also one of the reasons for its success. In addition, it is available for sale with everything needed for this purpose. In fact, the set for each mechanism includes 4 M4 nuts, 4 M4x20mm screws and 4 M4x30mm screws, as well as the corresponding instructions for use. It also has a signalling sticker to help highlight the existence of the mechanism.

Committed to safety and protection in public spaces

Social responsibility is one of the main lines of action of our company. At Emuca we are committed to the wellbeing of people and, for this reason, we know how important it is to collaborate as much as possible in the protection of health in public spaces.

The presence of the coronavirus in our lives and the ease with which it is transmitted has made us think about the need to create door accessories capable of going beyond the usual functionality of the fittings and providing security for our users. The search for alternative and practical opening solutions is the challenge we have faced in order to guarantee the wellbeing of all.

The safety and protection of public spaces is the first step so that we can all fight against the presence of the virus. And at Emuca we will always be on the side of wellbeing and health.

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