Furniture locks. Choose the most suitable for each project.

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In all homes, furniture that covers all the needs the most be included, specific for each room and for the use that the client is going to give them.

Each design that you create must be unique, different and special, since on each one we must include the elements that are essential according to the client’s request. There are some that will want their furniture to be higher, others not so high, with certain incorporated elements, specific mechanisms and some will choose the materials and colours. And in other cases, they will only ask for a design and you must use your imagination and experience in order to find the best for each home.

Your designs must make the difference to make you stand out over your competitors. They should contemplate all the needs, provide all the necessary solutions in addition of satisfying each and every one of your clients, offering them the design that they want to have.

At Emuca we are specialists in all types of fittings, and, as always we are pleased to help you create real works of art when you are implementing your designs. Below, we are going to explain and show you some of the different types of furniture locks that you’ll find in our catalogue and that without a doubt, will help you achieve an incredible finish.


How to choose a type of lock for different furniture?

Before we begin to explain the different types of locks for furniture, we must be very clear about the use of the same and to be able to differentiate if our intention is to cover aesthetics or functionality. Once this is defined. Choose consequently.

In addition, each piece of furniture or cabinet must have one in particular, depending on the use it’s going to have, the place where it is to be locatedbe, its distribution and the elements that are close to it.

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Types of locks for furniture

Now is the time to highlight the most common, practical and functional locks:


Toggle lock systems

Some of the most used furniture locks are the toggle locks. They are very comfortable, practical and are generally used for high storage modules.


Sliding system

Sliding doors are practical and very useful, since they make use of all the available space. If you use this cabinet lock, you should know that you can choose from different types. And include stops, rails and runners…


Push system

Technology has brought with it real advantages that make it possible to create a much more elegant and sophisticated minimalist space. Handles are not used any more in most modern furniture, the “push” system is now most commonly used, as it improves cabinet and furniture locks_in general. They are comfortable, clean and easy to use mechanisms.

With a gentle push the mechanism is activated and, slowly and without forcing the hinges the door, opens. They also have stops that avoid any type of knocks, protecting the mechanism and giving it a longer useful life.

Smooth and silent closing

The soft and silent closing systems allow any furniture or closet to be included in any room. They facilitate different degrees of opening, depending on the chosen furniture hinge, and it is a very practical and comfortable system.


Magnetic closure

Another of the most practical options you can count on is with the magnetic closure system. Its use guarantees a good, efficient closure and, in addition, avoids blows that could damage the rest of the furniture or closet. They can be made of plastic, oval in shape, or plates with or without points.


But, in addition to all these types of locking systems, you can also find a large selection of locks for cabinets and furniture in our catalog. Among which you can acquire those that best suit the needs of each of your projects and with the guarantee of quality and functionality. Discover all this and more at Emuca!

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