Moka wardrobe accessories: design and make the most of the space

Accesorios para armario

A well-organized wardrobe, or dressing room is a successful project. Personal and professional satisfaction, and a success for your client. Achieving it means you have made the space optimal, comfortable and practical. To obtain a spectacular, unique result, the wardrobe and dressing room accessories are vital. They will enable you to meet the needs of each client and use the space available in the best way possible.

The importance of design for wardrobes and dressing rooms

The practical, comfortable and functional distribution in the interior of wardrobes and dressing rooms is crucial. To achieve this, you must take into account all the relevant factors, from the exterior decoration to the use of different types of doors, whether sliding, fixed or folding, the accessories inside the wardrobe, the types of drawers, guide rails, bars, the lighting or LED strips, the colour and strength of the lights, the different ways of focusing the light, or natural light…

Therefore, designing a wardrobe or dressing room correctly will not only optimize the space available, but also your client’s time and their feeling of satisfaction with the final result. They will be able to see, find and choose whatever they are looking for among the items in their wardrobe.

How to organize the interior of a wardrobe

To organize the interior of a wardrobe or dressing room, we must focus on making it useful and easy for the client to get what they need. We therefore need to know in advance what it will be used for and who will be using it. A child’s wardrobe needs are very different design from that of an adult, for example.

Once you know what the wardrobe you are designing will be used for, you can prepare the distribution of the interior.

It is important to divide the space into different modules that allow you to store things more tidily, ensuring that the shelves are no more than one metre long to prevent them from sagging under the weight of the clothes stored on them.

Accesorios para el interior del armario

Besides the shelves, whether adjustable or fixed, that let you see your sweaters, t-shirts and bags, you must use other wardrobe accessories to ensure that you give your client what you are looking for. Some of these are:

  • The top part of wardrobes or dressing rooms are usually wasted space because of their height. It is a great idea to install high cupboards where they can keep clothes that are not in season, suitcases, quilts, duvets.
  • The bars are another essential item because it is where we hang clothes so that they do not wrinkle. Shirts, dresses, suits, etc.
  • Chests of drawers are essential in any wardrobe or dressing room. They let you keep everything tidy inside them, from underwear, pyjamas, belts, ties, jewellery, handkerchiefs, and you can also install dividers to make the separation easier.
  • A trouser rack has become essential for anyone who has become used to having one. Any client who has had one cannot imagine living without it. It enables you to have a handy, neat and easy organization of your trousers. They will be kept neatly pressed, without piling up and wrinkling. Adding a trouser rack, which can be removable, makes it much easier to choose what to wear.
  • The mirror is a necessary addition to any custom-made wardrobe or dressing room. You can add a fixed mirror or make it movable, so that it can be turned and tilted in any way that the client wants.


  • Shoe compartment. Last but not least, the shoe compartment is an essential accessory for a wardrobe. To make it more practical and useful, it should be installed in the bottom of the wardrobe. The shoes should be easily visible when correctly placed, and they should not be twisted or deformed.

Features of Moka accessories: what your wardrobe needs

Emuca specializes in all kinds of fittings, and we can offer the best ideas, solutions and options so that all your projects have a perfect finish based on the quality of the products used, the comfort they provide, their ease of use and of course how easy they are to install.

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This is why we want to mention the Moka accessories for wardrobes. With a wide range of practical and functional products that will help you to solve all the issues that your design calls for. Some of these are:

Advantages of the MOKA accessories

The Moka range of accessories for wardrobes offers you an enormous variety where you can find exactly what you are looking for and what you need to give your designs the solutions that your clients expect.

The Moka accessories for wardrobe interiors offer many advantages, as well as a modern, up-to-date look that is easy to combine in multiple ways with your creations.

They are long-lasting, high-quality parts, made of different materials like aluminium or steel, with smooth closing for all removable elements and hidden guide rails with automatic clips for installing the frame, as in our removable shoe compartment.

They are also available in different sizes and formats so that you can adapt them to the space that you have designed inside the wardrobe or dressing room, with a Moka colour finish that is modern and attractive.

Other wardrobe accessories to help you organize your custom designs

Besides the Moka accessories for wardrobes, our catalogue also has other types of products that are ideal for each type of design. There are also other finishes, designs and sizes that can offer different functions, practical help and comfort. For example, there are the Keeper accessories or the Self accessories.

Whatever you need you can find in Emuca, because we want to make it easy for you to be able to offer your clients the best quality in the market with your impeccable designs.

So come on, let’s get started and offer them what they have been looking for and more, with the best wardrobe accessories.

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