Kitchen equipment: keys to making the right choice

When you start looking for kitchen equipment, you may have questions about how to get started.

What do I really need and how do I choose what is most appropriate? You must find the balance between comfort, practicality and durability. If this is your case, don’t worry: at Emuca we will help you to make your kitchen the place you and your family dream of.

Guidelines for the best kitchen equipment

Before thinking about choosing the best kitchen equipment, there are several aspects that you should take into account.

These are the basics, and will give you a proper roadmap for moving forward. Once you have that figured out, you can start thinking about what kind of aesthetic you’re looking for in this space. We’ll leave you with the 3 most important aspects of kitchen equipment.


The material you use in your kitchen should be chosen considering that it will be in constant contact with moisture.

Avoid permeable materials and choose synthetics instead, remember that today there are thousands of such options, which will last much longer and look like new for years.


Space is critical before deciding which kitchen equipment to choose.

Even if you have enough space in your kitchen, folding tables, internal shelves and other similar furniture are recommended, which will guarantee you more space to move around comfortably.


Choosing elements that can serve different functions or that can be easily repositioned is a wise decision when it comes to kitchen equipment.

Thanks to this, you will be able to make the most of the space and avoid overcrowding with furniture.

Emuca’s top products for kitchen equipment

We show you the products most appreciated by users, for their usefulness and value, in kitchen equipment.

Emuca not only offers you a comfortable website for the purchase of its products: it also gives you all the guarantees in deliveries, fast, efficient and with all the quality. Here are some of the most outstanding solutions for kitchens:

Opla Top Extending and Lift-up Table

This work table is very practical for every cook.

Imagine opening a drawer and having a whole work surface that has enough support to allow you to cook comfortably. It is made of anodized aluminum, so it is very resistant and will save you a lot of space in the kitchen, not to mention its elegant design that combines perfectly with all kinds of styles.

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Titane wall hooks for hanging accessories

They are small, extremely resistant. But, above all, they keep all the basic utensils within reach.

These steel hooks support the weight very well, allowing you to have everything you need at hand. In addition, when it comes to kitchen utensils, it is always more convenient to place them in ventilated places, where they are not exposed to moisture.

Titane corner pull-out system Anthracite Gray

We know how difficult it is to keep order inside closed modules, that’s why this system is essential when it comes to kitchen equipment.

On the one hand, it offers you a very comfortable structure to organize all your things, but it is also easy to remove for cleaning and its steel structure guarantees quality and durability.

Pull-out column for hinged door Chrome plated

You have probably already noticed the importance we give to structures designed for closed furniture.

Yes, they’re key and it’s easy to understand why: have you never completely forgotten something that was left behind on the back of your locked shelves? We know you have, and that’s why we designed the pull-out structures that won’t let that happen to you ever again.

Shelvo Circular Tray Set Plastic White

We are always looking for ways to organize our things inside the corner furniture, that’s why these trays are very practical to accommodate your products.

They allow you to make the most of the cabinet space and have all your utensils at hand. They are very convenient.

One more kitchen equipment detail: hanging shelf for spice jars

This shelf is super useful to have your spices in a visible place and within your reach. Being made of steel, it is extremely resistant and has a very elegant color. The best part of this rack is that you only have to hook it in the place of choice, allowing you to move it easily or clean it if necessary.

This list is just a small part of what Emuca offers you in kitchen equipment, all these products are made with the best materials, are designed to accompany you for years and meet your most demanding expectations. Don’t settle for anything less! Your family deserves the best and Emuca means quality, so what are you waiting for? Come and create a meeting space in your kitchen!

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