Advantages of sliding doors you’ll want to know about

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When looking for ways to improve the functionality and spatial optimisation of a home, sliding doors are among the first options you have at your disposal to achieve this. Because they offer numerous advantages of sliding doors at all levels, especially for small spaces. The advantages of sliding doors are enormous.  And the ways in which you can take advantage of hallways, wardrobes, open areas, among other situations, after installing this type of doors… it is very interesting! Therefore, here we will explain the advantages of sliding doors, both in wardrobes and to separate areas within the home. 

Advantages of sliding doors 

You already know that at Emuca we have the necessary hardware so that you can install this type of mechanism with the best quality, duration and features that our brand offers.  That is why, as experts, we are going to review the advantages of sliding doors. The following are of interest to you: 
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Space optimisation 

This is the main and most popular advantage of sliding doors, as they take up almost no space compared to folding and folding doors due to their function and mechanism design.  This gives you the opportunity to take advantage of smaller spaces such as small rooms where you want to install a wardrobe. Also in divisions between living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms.  On the other hand, depending on their type, they can be even more space-efficient. An example of this are invisible sliding doors or flush-mounted sliding doors, which have less hardware and therefore take up less usable space. 

Unify spaces in a simple way 

Sliding doors also have the advantage of unifying spaces, with an ease and naturalness that even under good design can create large open concept rooms and then divide them using these doors.  That is why they are ideal for dividing kitchen and dining room or living room, as in each context you can choose whether to keep the space unified or whether you just want to use each one separately. This can be achieved by simply closing the door. 

Light management 

One advantage that can be given to sliding doors is the ability to manage light passing from one space to another without it getting in the way.  In some cases hinged doors open to allow light to pass from one room to another, but because they take up more space they may disturb or obstruct other activities.  The sliding door, on the other hand, simply overlaps the wall without being in the way, creating a corridor of light that is very useful for spaces that do not have windows. This is one of the great advantages of sliding doors.  On the other hand, if the door is made of glass or a transparent material, its applications increase. Because light will pass through it, even when it is kept closed, and depending on the finish, privacy will not be a problem. 

Temperature isolation between areas 

Just as they can let in light while they are kept closed, they can maintain the temperature and insulate it in a room if preferred.  Depending on the type of sliding door, its thermal insulation capacity will be more or less efficient, but it is certainly much better than folding or folding doors. 

Simple maintenance 

Due to the design of the mechanism of this type of door, they require almost no maintenance, apart from keeping them clean.  They can be installed in exteriors or bathrooms, receive humidity and last for a long time without the need to apply any protection, as most hardware is manufactured with specialised finishes to resist these conditions.  This also has to do with the quality of the fittings, at Emuca we can guarantee that you will have guides, profiles, wheels and all kinds of parts with a long durability. 

Advantages of sliding doors: they can be installed without the need for building work. 

The way to install this type of door is very simple, and this means that it does not require extensive building work to do so. If you do not know how to do it, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel where we have numerous guides to the installation of our parts, as well as our blog. 

First class finish 

The aesthetic aspect is also an advantage. The sleek, modern and clean look it gives to rooms is unparalleled, no matter what material you choose. 

Advantages of Emuca sliding doors 

In our shop you can get hardware for the assembly of sliding doors with an impressive quality. As well as different finishes and types of mechanisms, lower, upper, recessed, among others, do not hesitate to visit our catalogue. 

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