A chic touch for your wardrobe with the lighted hanging bar

How is your wardrobe lit? Some times, whether because it is in a dark area or because of the distribution of room lights, not enough light reaches the inside of wardrobes and finding those clothes you are looking for becomes a complex task. To avoid this, you may install a light bar and make your day to day easier. They are practical and easy to install. Thanks to their movement sensor, lights will automatically turn on when you come closer, illuminating the interior of the wardrobe with no need to look for the switch. Then, they will turn off automatically. Therefore, there is no risk of leaving them on and use power unnecessarily. Emuca has added this to the two new lighting bars models: one with a battery and the other with electricity.


Castor illuminated hanging bar with removable battery

To install a Castor illuminated bar in your wardrobe or walk-in-closet you don’t even need to have an electricity outlet nearby. It works with a removable battery you can remove every time you need to without disassembling the bar. To charge it, you can use a micro USB charger type B, very common in all kinds of devices. You probably have one at home.

Thanks to the integrated movement sensor, the Castor bar will automatically turn on every time you are within 1.5 metres from the wardrobe. You don’t have to do anything. It has a 90º degree angle, so it can cover a wide space in front of it. When turned on, it produces a nice soft white light (4,000 K). Then, when you leave the detection angle, it turns off after 15 seconds.

Regarding its appearance, you have two options to choose the one that best fits the aesthetics of your wardrobe. If you like cold tones, install it in a matte anodised colour, a sober and elegant grey tone. If you prefer darker tones with a modern twist, it is also available in mocha colour. Both include a rubber to avoid noises when hanging and removing clothes.

To install this illuminated bar inside your wardrobe, you only need a screwdriver and the screws that are included. It is attached to two lateral supports, which you have to screw to both sides. The battery goes on the larger lateral support and is connected to the bar through a small plug covered by easy-to-hang-and-to-remove embellishments. This is important, because its simplifies removing the battery to charge it. The bar also allows a central support.

Regarding its width, you have several options. It is available in five different measures (from 558 mm to 1158 mm) and may be cut to adjust it to the space where you want to install it.


Electric Polux illuminated bar

The Polux hanging bar will also modernise your wardrobe and significantly improve its interior illumination. As opposed to the Castor model, you need an electrical outlet near the wardrobe, since it is connected to the electricity network. You can forget about chargers and have light in your wardrobe at all times without depending on battery charge.

It works similarly to the Castor bar: the sensor included will turn on when you enter the detection area, covering 1.5 metres and a 90º angle. When you leave this range, the bar will automatically turn off after 45 seconds. Its light is also natural white (4,000 K).

The Polux model is made of aluminium and also includes a PVC rubber to smooth the support of hangers. Like the Castor model, it is available in several lengths (from 558 mm to 1158 mm) and may be cut to adjust it to the available space.

 To install this bar in your wardrobe, you first need to install a couple of supports, one at each side, and press it into place. You may screw it to the sides of a space in your wardrobe or under a shelf, inserting the screws by the upper part of the structure.

Although in this case the installation is not very complicated, you need to bear in mind the bar is connected to the electricity network, so you have to take into account where the wire is going to go through (make a small hole) coming from one of the supports. You will need a 12 V DC converter to connect it to the electrical supply.

What do you think of these led bars? Any questions about their characteristics? Leave your comments!