Sustainability Emuca: Why are we an ecologically oriented company?

sostenibilidad emuca
Our planet is going through an alarming environmental situation, where an ecological approach is essential from all spheres of society, especially in the business sphere. Sustainability Emuca is our modest proposal: a green path to follow to contribute much more than our products.  We are not only convinced that sustainable business development is possible, but it is a necessary, innovative and adapted to the reality of being part of society, with the main purpose of being recognized by our valued clients, current and future.  We take the opportunity and ask you for a few minutes to explain the principles to bet on sustainability and the reasons why we decided to do it. But first, it is essential to know what it means to be a sustainable company. 

Sustainability Emuca: what is a sustainable company? 

A sustainable company is an organized entity that is recognized as a conscious agent of the changes that occur in its environment; that like any other company seeks commercial development, business growth and economic well-being, with the exception of taking special care in environmental conservation and social responsibility, without neglecting any of these elements.  Being a sustainable company is more than complying with court rulings, business rules or mandatory quotas. It implies a commitment and making the efforts that are necessary to achieve a better world.  What advantages does it offer compared to conventional companies?  Taking care of the environment does not imply losing profitability or ceasing to be competitive; on the contrary, it offers numerous and invaluable benefits that should be seriously considered by every company, startup, freelancers and others.  Visible and palpable in the short, medium and long term, an adequate implementation of actions that imply sustainability generates the following positive points, and many others: 
  • Improve acceptance and how consumers, regulatory institutions and the general public see you. 
  • Following the idea of ​​the previous point; the increase in the added value of your products makes the demand for them grow exponentially. 
  • The efficiency in the use and consumption of resources means a considerable saving of money. 
  • The well-being and comfort of your employees translates into more and better collaboration and increased productivity. 

Particularities of Sustainability Emuca: what makes us ecologically responsible? 

To correct the now and to ensure the future, we have designed a work scheme aimed at the ecological. Measures that have shown, over the years, excellent results in reducing environmental impact and raising awareness. That is Emuca Sustainability.  We present below some of those measures, the most important, that characterize us and of which we are proud: 
  • Green objectives: by setting annual goals to decrease the use of resources such as water and electricity, as well as other material resources, we contribute to savings. 
  • Consistent staff: in the same way, our work team is aligned with green practices and the objectives of an environmentally responsible company, consolidating a sustainable work dynamic from within. 
  • Frequent analysis: with Emuca Sustainability the production chain, as well as the other processes and commercial activities are regularly reviewed to maintain precise control of our environmental impact and performance. 
  • Digitization: we ensure the reduction of paper and office supplies by implementing and prioritizing the use of digital technological tools within all production areas. 
  • Ecological packaging: the packaging of our marketed products is completely recyclable, as well as has been designed to use the minimum amount of material required. 
  • Waste management: the intelligent management of waste (cleaning, maintenance and collection) is part of our business strategy, being a fundamental part for productive efficiency and collective well-being. 
  • More efficient vehicles: a timely review of our vehicle fleet helps to reduce polluting gas emissions and the use of fossil fuels, since it corrects faults and guarantees correct operation. 
  • Energy self-consumption: in our facilities we are committed to green generation and self-consumption using more than 400 photovoltaic solar panels, thus mitigating the consumption of other energy sources. 
  • Because being a green company is doing something meaningful 
sostenibilidad emuca

A clear and green mission 

With Sustainability Emuca our mission is, and will continue to be, to satisfy the needs of our customers and business partners, offering the best quality products and the appropriate operational protocols that, from the business point of view, in the organic production scheme, are translated into better general well-being conditions.  Without forgetting the generation and transformation towards more productive jobs, the development of innovative procedures. A comprehensive and inclusive social welfare of all workers, as well as recognition by a society that increasingly demands greater commitment from companies.  For the good of all and all, the consolidation of the preservation of the environment and the responsible use of natural resources as a framework of action for each person is unquestionable. For this reason, and all the aforementioned, Emuca dresses in ecological green with its Sustainability Emuca program. 

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