Special hinges: state-of-the-art solutions developed by Emuca

It is amazing how many facilities that small details can offer us. From the smallest to the most everyday pieces, they provide many functions that end up making the spaces you inhabit more comfortable. Even a piece as small as a special hinge can change for the better the places you appreciate the most in your home.

At Emuca, we are interested in providing you with the best services, so that you can satisfy all your needs when it comes to your home. That is why today we want to tell you about our special hinges: their use, their possibilities and why it is so important for you to know their different characteristics and applications.

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What are special hinges?

Specialty hinges are a selection of hinges that we have separated from the rest because they serve many more functions than simply opening and closing doors.  Depending on the furniture material, use and location, you will want to choose different types of hinges that can contribute not only to functionality, but also to durability.

We know you may be very familiar with this topic. However, at Emuca we think it is important to talk in detail about our best hinges. That’s why we’ve created this compilation: so you can consider all your options before making important decisions for your home. Here are the best special hinges and their uses.

Special hinges for nickel-plated secretaire:

Among the special hinges, this one can be very useful, as it is designed for your secretaire type furniture. They are made of zamak and have an elegant nickel-plated finish. In this type of furniture, it is essential to have a hinge that can withstand the weight not of a simple door, but of an entire desk.

Since the secretaire is a dynamic piece of furniture, the hinge must cover both of its facets. The design of this hinge is designed to ensure that the versatility of your furniture is not compromised in any way.

At the same time, its nickel-plated finish embellishes the desk, giving it a touch of elegance and refinement worthy of your home.

Special concealed hinges in natural brass:

Hidden hinges have become very popular, as they are very aesthetically appealing. Not all your furniture fulfills simple utilitarian functions: there are pieces of furniture that are works of art, and deserve to be considered as such. In addition to the discretion of these hinges and their elegant appearance, they are low maintenance.

Thus, you embellish the furniture on which you use these special hinges. And, incidentally, their cleaning and maintenance are much more accessible, since they accumulate less dirt. The use of these hinges has increased a lot, due to their practicality and elegance.

Hinges for interior doors:

When we talk about glass doors, we know how important their care and maintenance is. However, the time when they are most exposed is during their installation. Therefore, when it comes to installing a glass door, it is essential to know what type of hinge should be used and how they should be installed to succeed in the mission.

These special hinges, besides generating an excellent contrast between the glass and its chrome finish, are designed to hold your glass doors firmly. In addition, they provide adequate containment so that they are not at risk of any kind.

Ankor GT-B nickel-plated hinge:

This hinge has a very particular feature, as it is designed to suspend doors that can even serve as a folding table. Because space is so important and often so limited, folding tables have become very popular lately. That’s why you need to choose the right hinges.

The Ankor GT-B hinge is made of zamak, which is an alloy between aluminum, steel and copper, so it can hold heavy weights. Being a compact hinge, it has no risk of bending or deformation. Whether the use of the folding table is large or moderate, this product guarantees you unmatched durability and strength.

These are some of the special hinges that we offer at Emuca to meet the particular needs of your furniture and home. As you will see, all of them seek the aesthetic harmony of your space, but none of them leave behind their practical functionality, because we know that the main purpose must always be aligned with the elegance of our pieces.

Now that you know a little more about what we have to offer, we are waiting for you on our website to continue exploring together the many possibilities we have to offer.  At Emuca you will find the right special hinges for your project, whatever it is!

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