Shelf supports: getting more out of furniture shelves

Every day the place we live is smaller due to the high prices of housing. Hence the importance of taking advantage of every little space to organize and design a place where we feel totally at ease, for example using brackets for shelves.

An excellent option for this is to use the different brackets that Emuca offers you. With them you can create a place that will allow you to have everything in order. Make the most of the shelves for furniture with these tips we have for you, read on!

Shelf supports: great little solutions

The shelves, or shelves, are a solution that facilitates the order because they create new storage areas, something really important when you do not have much space. They are also decorative elements that can be added to the furniture you already have at home.

In order to place them, you need shelf supports, which are so versatile that they can be installed almost anywhere.

In the market there are different models of shelf supports, which can vary in shape, finish, material and the weight they support. They are available for small glass showcases as well as for large boards that have to support a lot of weight.

Before choosing a shelf support, it is necessary to determine the weight to be supported, usually specified on each product.

Types of shelf supports:

Pelican support

The most common ones on the market come in different shapes and are manufactured in different materials with a wide variety of finishes, such as nickel-plated, satin-finished, gold-plated or shiny chrome-plated. As they are available in different sizes, it is necessary to determine the size of the shelf they will support, as well as the weight of the objects that will be on them, so as not to make a mistake when choosing them.


Of all the types of shelf brackets are the most classic and sober, although they can be found with quite striking designs. It is very common to see them in houses with rustic or classic decorations.

Hidden shelf holder

This type of shelf holder is embedded in the furniture where it will be placed, being invisible they are widely used in modern and minimalist decorations. Their gripping capacity is impressive, so they support a lot of weight.

Shelf holder for glass shelves

Its size is small and delicate, designed specifically for glass shelves although it can also be used with wood of small dimensions. Unlike the previous ones, they have a tubular shape and small rubber bands that protect the shelf material and prevent erosion. 

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Tips on how to get the most out of shelf brackets

Small details make the difference, especially in the shelf supports.

So, if you are thinking of remodeling the space you live in or ordering it in a more optimal way, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money or make big changes: the brackets will be your best allies.

A way to organize and decorate at the same time.

To keep your home tidy, you don’t need large closets or couches that take up space and design. For these cases, you can make use of light furniture and add some shelves where to place the objects.

If you do not like that everything is in sight, you can make use of baskets and decorative boxes to give it an aesthetic and tidy touch.

Organize the dishes

Where are the most beautiful dishes in your kitchen? Surely they are stored in a cupboard waiting to be used at Christmas. Don’t waste the decorative value that can have the dishes, besides looking beautiful on the dining table, they can also dress the walls of your kitchen in a way you never imagined … with just a few shelves will be ready.

Do not fill the shelves with objects

The ideal way to keep objects in sight from looking cluttered is for them to have their own space and be arranged in a balanced way. Shelves full of things give the opposite effect to the one you are looking for.

Shelves for the office

If you don’t want to (or can’t) store all your office papers and documents in cabinets and boxes where it will take you hours to look for them, you can make use of shelves for this. To get the most out of it, we recommend using filing cabinets that match the style, color and shape of the space to make it more pleasing to the eye.

At Emuca we are your allies when it comes to design and order. Not only do we have all the furniture you need to make it happen, but you can also rest assured knowing that they are quality products. On our website you will find everything you need to install the shelves in your furniture, and we invite you to take a look at our digital catalog and our blog. You will find many more solutions for the organization and design of every space in your home, we are waiting for you!

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