4 tips to increase online sales of hardware and DIY products

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Sales are the driving force behind any business. We have to apply ourselves correctly in all the channels that we make available to our customers, so that they find them easy to use, convenient, fast and safe.

If you are reading this post, it is because you want to increase the sales of your online store, so read on because you are in the right place. At  Emuca we are going to offer you four points that will be vital for you to achieve your goal and enjoy success. Let’s go!


Differences between selling online and offline to bear in mind

Customer satisfaction must always be our priority. It is becoming more important than ever for them to be able to acquire our products in the way they want, whether online or offline. Therefore, we need to make sure that both approaches work correctly and in harmony to ensure that we can meet their needs.

There are many differences between online and offline sales. For example, offline sales limit the audience that you can reach to those in the location and the opening hours of the store.


In contrast, online sales allow the user to reach, check, compare and purchase the products they need at any time and from anywhere. They allow you to have a radius of influence as large as the Internet itself.

Another of the differences is that the product that the customer buys must be available at that precise moment so that they can compare it, while online sales do not have this limitation.


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What should I consider before selling online?

Before starting to sell online, it is very important to bear the following points in mind, among others:


  • Budget: not everything is free on the Internet, and if you want to increase your online sales you must base your project on the budget that you have available. The ideal way is to dedicate between 30 and 35% on creating the page, and the rest on online marketing strategies to ensure that everything works properly.


  • Strategy: businesses won’t succeed unless they are guided by a good strategy, whether offline or online. You need to plan, study and look around to create a solid strategy.


  • Competence: competence is one of the factors that you must pay attention to, on the Internet as well. So you need to identify which ones you need, what they do and offer. You should use them to make yourself stand out.

4 tips to increase sales from your online store

At this point, this is the moment to reveal what these four essential points to increase your online sales are. Let’s go!


  1. Look after your customers

The first thing you must understand when you want to increase online sales is that your customers must consider their time in your store as a satisfying experience. So take care of them and make sure that everything is what they expect.

To achieve this, make the payment process easy, improve your customer service, your warranty and return policies, and use secure payment gateways…


  1. Social media… your great allies!

Social media has become an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. You can use them to extend your reach, your reputation and knowledge of your brand.


So get busy and create a community.


  1. Use content marketing

Content marketing will help you to increase the sales of your online store, because what consumers want is information before they buy. It also means that you can position yourself well in Google and get more followers.


  1. Use effective landing pages

Landing pages are a very powerful strategy for achieving your goal: conversion. So make sure that your paid advertisements match the landing pages that you have prepared.


Now you know! Increasing your online sales is within your reach if you follow the advice we have given you, combined with the correct planning and strategy.

Online sales can be very beneficial for your business, so it is worth taking them seriously to obtain the results that you are hoping for.

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