What to know before choosing a hinge manufacturer

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Choosing the right hinges manufacturer to work with on a regular basis is a key point in being able to offer quality fittings at the right price. Therefore, it is important to know well both the characteristics of the product they offer and the factors that guarantee their reliability as a supplier.


Applications of hinges

Hinges are rotating hardware fittings that can be used on both residential and furniture doors. Their main function is to guarantee the correct movement of the piece, opting for smooth and fluid opening and closing.

A hinge manufacturer should also bear in mind that the design of these pieces can become the perfect finishing touch to the appearance of the furniture. The material used for manufacturing them, their finish and their place of installation will thus condition the style of the piece.


Existing hinge types

In order to correctly choose furniture hinges, it is necessary to know the main types of this fitting that can be found on the market:

  • Butt hinges are the most common. They open like a book and are very easy to screw on and use.
  • Piano hinges have the same shape, but are larger. Therefore, they are fixed with more screws and are more resistant to wear. However, we should take into account that they are more complicated to install.
  • Slip joint hinges have a connection point with a pin, so they can be separated without removing the screws. They are especially useful for furniture that needs to be dismantled.
  • Concealed hinges are fittings that allow two panels to be joined so that they open like a book, making them invisible
  • Bi-fold hinges allow the doors to open and close without problems, returning to the normal position.
  • European-style hinges are one of the most common kitchen furniture hinges. They are invisible, have a wide opening angle and close on their own from a certain point.
  • Surface hinges work much like European-style hinges, but are easier to install.
  • The hinges for glass doors are U-shaped and can hold a door tightly in place to prevent the glass from falling

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What should you know before choosing your trusted hinge manufacturer? 

If you work as a furniture hardware dealer, one of the most important decisions you face is choosing the hinge manufacturer you will have as your supplier.

Relying on the services of a specialised company, capable of supplying your stock needs smoothly and quickly is an indispensable requirement, but it is not the only one to be taken into account. It is also important to appreciate that their product catalogue has a wide variety of models, both in terms of types of hardware available and materials used for their manufacture. Today’s consumer is very demanding when it comes to requiring furniture with perfect aesthetics and the best possible functionality. Therefore, they demand the most suitable parts for each door.

Of course, the guarantee of having high-quality hinges that ensure their durability is one of the most important factors when choosing the best supplier of furniture and door fittings.

Establishing a professional relationship with a hinge manufacturer that is aware of the importance of these fittings in the final result of the installation of a door or a piece of furniture, and has the technical and human resources necessary for their manufacture, is indispensable to ensure the distribution of high quality products, capable of satisfying the needs of all kinds of customers. At Emuca we work to make your orders for hinges and other types of fittings a reality.

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