7 techniques to increase the sales of ironwork products

técnicas para vender productos de ferretería

Sales are the main goal of any company, because they enable us to continue our profession and increase the profits of our business. That is why applying the most precise, suitable and practical sales techniques is vital. We are now going to explain 7 foolproof ways to apply them in your hardware store. It’s time to get better results!

The importance of applying sales techniques to hardware products

Using sales techniques in your business is fundamental, essential and a priority. First of all, as we have said, it will increase your business’ profits, but it will also attract new consumers, offer maximum customer satisfaction, who will be more loyal and not go elsewhere when they receive a similar offer from your competition.

One good sales strategy is to plan and to use a variety of techniques. Of course, all these processes require time, dedication and even training for your sales team, but the return you achieve from it is much more important than the initial investment. Working in this way means guaranteed success, so it is worth concentrating your efforts towards applying them correctly.

1. Classify your customers

Hardware stores have 3 different segments into which they can divide their many customers.

  • Contractors
  • DIY enthusiasts
  • Occasional buyers for sporadic requirements

This is why it is important to break them down into segments, so that you can offer each of them exactly hardware products that they want, look for and need. It also means that you can use special offers, discounts or new products that may interest them particularly.

To break them down, it is important to talk with your customers, listen to what they need and prefer, and bear all their recommendations in mind.

2. Arrange your products attractively in your hardware store

Hardware sales are conditioned by many factors. Even so, it is true that customers prefer establishments that are visually more attractive. That is, in a sector where there are so many different parts, tools and fittings, it is important to maintain order and tidiness, as this creates trust and makes the purchasing process more pleasant.

When shelves are disorganized, dirty, covered in dust, with basic hardware articles jumbled up, tools in the wrong place, it makes the customers doubtful. Customers cannot be expected to guess whether it is laziness, the poor quality of the products or even whether they are obsolete and have spent far too long in the same place.

It is important to remember that customers want to buy something and are looking for it. If they cannot see it, or it does not satisfy them, they will not go beyond this point.

productos de ferretería

3. Explain and compare your products

Customer service and guidance is one key to selling hardware items. This is why you need to employ qualified staff who can guide, advise and explain things correctly to your customers. They must be able to explain the specifications and features of each product and know how to compare different models so that the customer can reach a final decision on which one offers the best solution for their needs.


Not only are you helping your customer to find what they are looking for, but you are increasing their purchasing satisfaction, trust and loyalty and they will your brand’s best ambassador.

venta en ferretería

4. Identify which hardware products act as attractors for your customers

This means that you will be encouraging cross sales. When a customer comes for basic hardware items, for example, they may be grateful for the offer of other items that make them more useful. Let’s say that a customer comes to your shop for paint. They are only looking to buy paint. If they are not professional decorators or do not usually do this, they may not be aware of the need to use other products. Therefore, when your assistants offer them painter’s tape, sandpaper, brushes, rollers, solvent, you will increase your sales and your customer will leave more satisfied. They will have learned some good tips, been well treated and will realise that you have saved them the time they would have spent coming back to buy the rest of the material.

5. Create attractive offers for your hardware products

Promotions, special offers and loyalty cards reward your customers. They are attractive and make them loyal shoppers. You can also apply a number of sales techniques, like cross selling or up selling to increase sales and ensure that your customers are more satisfied with their purchases.

6. Personal customer service

Each customer is one of a kind and has their own needs and preferences. So, focus on their requirements, listen to what they say and look for the best solution for them.

The best service is different for each purchase, because it provides exactly what each case and project requires.

7. Building loyalty

Finally, we have to talk about loyalty. Without a doubt, all the sales techniques that you apply in your hardware store must focus on how to earn your customers loyalty. This can only be done when you meet all their requirements, including the quality of the products, good advice from your employees, good customer service after sales, effective problem solving, friendly and respectful service on the part of the store assistants and good positioning of all the products based on their classification and services.

Your appreciation of their loyalty must also be thoughtful and considered. Because offering special conditions to the customers who value your products time and time again means that they will continue to do so and will mention your store to their friends and colleagues.

Emuca is a specialist in all types of fittings, and we want to help you to achieve the goals that you have set for your business in terms of increasing your sales, and your profits. This is why we are offering you these 7 sales techniques that will make it easier, faster and more feasible to achieve them, but we will also remind you to also factor in the quality of the products you offer, the professionalism that they can guarantee and the delivery times that you can rely on when choosing your suppliers. Then there is the hard work involved in running your own store and including new items in stock, and the importance of having a team that you can rely on to learn and follow the instructions you give them.

So, there you have it! Get to work and apply them to your business to help you achieve your goals and increase your sales.

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